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TAROT DECAN 10/13- 10/22: Four of Swords “A Day for Me, Myself and I"

Scott K Smith

Welcome back. I'm still singing to myself the chant that Griffin gave us at Pagan Pride this year. Such a compelling weaving. Such a beautiful day. I want to thank those of you who posted or responded, or reposted on facebook, twitter and the various social feeds. I think that post, Magick at Pagan Pride 2015, was almost the most visited piece of writing I have done all year. 

Today I'm here to talk about decan and meditation with the Tarot, between the dates of October 13 through the 22nd I am positioning the Four of Swords as a point of interest. The card has been penciled into my books as The Lord of Rest from Strife. The quality of this Tarot card is not just "resting" or pulling back from life to garner health or regenerate, as a point of meditation for me it represents "putting something to rest." More specifically I feel it is asking me to recognize a quality of my intellect that insists on "being right" as a hard point. An insistence that needs to be put away; and the other aspect of a break from activity comes in handy to clear the air and see things from a different perspective. 

Whether I am engaging my ego through creative or magickal means to deconstruct what doesn't work, or butting heads with a shadow I see reflected in your eyes is entirely my choice. Personally I think meditation is a good reset point to come back to center and engage the creative/destructive powers of my life in such a way that I can make something interesting, or put to earth a fixed opinion that flatly no longer works for me.  

The card cuts both ways. Get it? Swords? Cutting..? Yes. These are my jokes. I know you are laughing. You see the four represents foundation, earth, it can be protection or stubbornness. During this time I am practicing softness. The Four in the Swords can represent:

  1. The inability to budge, walling oneself in, refusing to see the other perspective which is vital when we are goat-headed and wrong. Notice that in the Tarot of the Old Path, her eyes are closed suggesting refusal to see, or concentration. 
  2. Alternatively it can be the withdrawal to see the process from the inside out, so that we have a healthier perspective on life; and so the four of swords represents a practical tool, the silence and stillness of meditation. 
  3. It can feel as if we have  been struck, but focusing on real or imagined attacks is neither here nor there in the process when I need to understand the transformation that can occur. 

Obviously the Tarot has various perspectives. In the Rider Waite we read, 

The suit of swords is related to the element of air. It concerns matters of thoughts, ideas and the mind. The number four is a framework for kindness and love.

A man is pictured on this card lying on his back with his palms pressed together over his chest. He is resting in preparation to the next phase of his life. He is isolated and taking a break from his normal life. 4’s are about balance and stability. The 4 of Swords is a call to slow down, to recover and regroup. It suggests the need to regain one’s physical, emotional and spiritual strength.

Meditation between October 13 & the 22nd

My meditative focus during this 10-day period is letting go. Open hands, open arms, closing eye and falling back like we're in a group trust exercise. The falling back can be into your comfy chair, bed, the bath, a retreat or in whatever way that works for you to signal your whole system to go still and accept regeneration. For some this might equate to physically removing oneself from an environment--take a vacation, Hell, take a "staycation," but get out of there--and for others that may mean just leaning into one of our most important tools, finding the still point within ourselves despite the riot around us. 

For me this is also acknowledging the reflection. Treating others who are in stubborn refusal to let go with the compassionate attention and silence I am giving myself. Walk away, it's okay to make a decision based on your own sanity; and giving space to people who want intensity can diffuse a lot of things, and help you clear your head. 

Maybe this time is not intense for you in a negative way, maybe you are over the moon in love, or at the top of your personal mountain. The reminder in these spaces, for me, is that meditation is not just for "bad times." Meditation is not just for what we label negative feelings, distress, or life challenges. Stillness benefits us in the high and the low because it connects us to our breath (the mind) and opens up perspective. 

It's okay to take some time for yourself. Don't let someone slam you over self-care or guilt you with "responsibility" if you need to step back... just find the right way to do it. There may be something there for you that you cannot see in your present predicament. 

Among my most prized possessions are words that I have never spoken.
― Orson Scott Card

And there is something to be found in recovery, regeneration, relaxation that is sometimes within the peace of retreat: The power of words unspoken. 

In the end I'm taking this ten day period at an easy pace, and following my own advice by taking things slowly; And maybe withdrawing to the degree that is acceptable for myself. What I think is most important for me is to remain open to the magick of the words that emerge from the stillness.

I am musing on this, "There is something vital in my breath, it is the power of my words, and my quieted nature, and both are experiences which can deepen the magick of living, relationships, and experiences."

Again, the remaining three Tarot Decan Musings will be in the newsletter and you can sign up for that here:

 The newsletter will be out on the new moon, Monday or Tuesday of this coming week. Until then, my love and gratitude for your readership and support.

Scott K Smith