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Community Meditations

Scott K

"Silence is Golden" Dan McCarthy
"Silence is Golden" Dan McCarthy


I've thought a lot about the ongoing Community Meditation that I host at the Crystal Matrix, in Atwater Village. And I've thought about how many approaches to the meditation experience that have come to the circle; the kinds of questions I get, and the kind of obstacles people have with meditation.

Most of these obstacles I understand because I have them, because meditation is not about having some perfect silence, in my experience it is about active observation, breathing, and staying in that space regardless of whatever it is we are thinking. Ans honestly, sometimes the thoughts do "go away," but in the most basic way I can explain it, they don't... I and the process just come into an alignment and so the thoughts are not contrary to the experience, they are in harmony with the breathing.

That's the first, and often last step. And that's a great one to achieve but there is more after that... In my practice I blend East and West, with an Esoteric slant that includes Theosophy, earth-centered paganism, and even circle casting as part of magickal meditaiton space. It's a delicious Jambalaya that can take you into alignment and then out through into another experience. That "otherness" can be: in communication with guides, gods, the past or the future. I often set and hold the space so that the Spirit of the gathering can lift us off into these places. If we don't reach them, we don't, it's the breathing and the awareness that is important. Basically I'm offering two experiences here, meditation or if you can enter that space, esoteric or "occult" meditation practice.

This last Sunday I held a space, "Beyond Duality - Sacred Trinity." I use the Tarot to explore the space, to set the conversation. We had The Chariot (because we're in the Sign of Cancer) and the Two of Cups (decanate) for the timing of our meditation.Much of the message we gathered together was on the third point that any two in a trinity are reaching for is love by letting go of control to see through the duality--duality as a reflection--to the bigger picture.

I quote the Two of Water by Pamela Eakins, "All opposites joyfully merge; male and female, light and dark, dry and wet, hard and soft; you have a great sense of connection."

This month we're exploring Strength and the Five of Wands, and the essence of that meditative space will be, "We struggle through darkness to find our light." The essence ofStrength is "The internal flame that rises like a serpent in the darkness; the coiled fiery power of attuning to the process." The Veil is every moment counts and every moment is numbered.Five of Wands, fire, says "Allow yourself to fail. Allow yourself to lose. In losing all, everything is gained. This is the difference between being in control and being empowered."* So our meditation, our Spirit, our Satsang, revolves around the essence of these notes, and what you bring as thoughts to the circle.

If you are in the area, you feel like sitting with us, I always hold space for the spirit of this community gathering.

Remember Community Meditation ask Love Donation, the Last Sunday of Every Month, at The Crystal Matrix where we Witches, Healers, Psychics play. :)

The Crystal Matrix 3215 Glendale Blvd Los Angeles CA 90039 (323) 644-7625

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Scott K Healer. Intuitive. Artist

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*Pamela Eakins PH.D., Tarot of the Spirit ISBN: 978-0-87728-730-8