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Online Readings - Something New.


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Online Readings - Something New.

Scott K

Hi all. As you may know I've been into more and more learning in my life at this time. As I expand the healing space at home, I'm also expanding the mind and spirit with various classes and commitments, including the Temple of Witchcraft.

I'm very dedicated to the process which has become very internal at this point in the study, and it is expanding on a lot of what I do. That means I am in a place of receiving new or deeper insights intuitively, creating new spiritual and energetic connections for my therapeutic work, and expanding my offerings in the form of classes, online and in person readings, community events, and who knows... maybe some art?

This takes money tho and so I'm challenged with learning, working, and creating healing and insight spaces for patients, friends and family. It's a challenge but a worthy one as I'm growing into new things. If you see this on any item in the shop in all likelihood all or part is going towards my education, or something that has come from that education:

"This is a featured reading (or healing, or class) and choosing it, your purchase goes towards my training with the via paying for my training, education, and potentially trips and events. You help me, your get insight, we bring the current to the Temple teaching to further build the community. Yay!"

Small heads up. I've also added a new spread to the online shop, Three Worlds, Time and Tides Spread. More of a contemplative reading, another forecast of sorts.

More on that, here.


Scott K Healer. Intuitive. Artist