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Dear Jewel, Thank You for the Lovely Testimonial


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Dear Jewel, Thank You for the Lovely Testimonial

Scott K

Three or four weeks ago a couple of women walked by the Crystal Matrix, several times back and forth. Watching them out the window I just knew that we'd be chatting. They had that special glow. After several minutes they came into the shop, circled me several times and cautiously asked about a reading. After a few more circles, they asked me for a short 15-min consultation, for each, but done together.

Jewel, a matured woman, somewhere in her 80's. I had to repeat a lot of what came through for her about Poetry, the Wind, and a very close family member but it was the uncomfortable bit about the "Bowel," that I had to tell her, even tho I could tell she wasn't very comfortable with the message.

Last week this came in the CM mail for me...


Dear Scott,

I think I will just send you a note by snail mail and be done with this. In my reading with you last Sunday about 2 pm, you said a hated word to me before you could share the reading. I was stunned and I could not understand why that word was even a part of my reading. It took me two nights of looking for clarity to get it, but I did the second, actually early morning, about 5 am. BOWEL, was the word, a word I have always hated since I was a very little kid. And you said it "in public." Well, obviously you had a message that I needed to hear it before I went on with my "work." Now I have spent two amazing days processing lots of trapped emotion, some of it for more than 70 years. Because of your saying that word, I wrote several chapters of the book I am working on, full of experiences I have needed to come to terms with an release. Then, the 3rd morning I awoke with great clarity and just released it all, deleted all the copies of the book I had been working on for several years, knowing I was done with it all. I may write another book but it will be a different book and I am free of all that baggage. Thanks, Scott, for your help.

--Sincerely, Jewel

Needless to say as I started the letter I thought, "Oh Gods, who didn't like what I had to say..?" but then as I continued, my grimace became a smile, and then a laugh, and then love.

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