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Some things to peruse - A little roundup


Healer. Artist. Intuitive.

Some things to peruse - A little roundup

Scott K

Scott K Smith

Scott K Smith

*Photo credit: Scott K Smith

*Photo credit: Scott K Smith

Too many good things on the radar lately. I'm not complaining, I'm a reader of all things of wordy value, humor or interest. As quickly as I tear through two books, note taking and making marks, I have three more piled on my desk, two in the mail from someone, with a note that reads "you'll love this!"

I'm about a third of the way through the lovingly loaned books care-of Anne H.up north, and already I have two on psychology and the shadow, and another on Ramana Maharshi, thanks to friends, clients and fellow teachers.

And I'm not done writing.

But, inspiring influences await and I've rounded up a few for you to look at this week. I don't do this regularly, I used to but it become routine and lacked flavor so I let it go. However, I found these...

Lupa Greenwolf who I am happy to say I am able to do a small patronage for her Tarot of the Bones and her work in animating nature announced that her deck [Tarot of the Bones] was fully funded, so successfully that it's in stretch funding. If you are a collector of unique decks, the history and making of this deck will blow-yo-mind. Obviously I am in on this one. [LINK]

Lupa also has a patreon page which has many sneak peaks, blog links, and if you are a patron, special articles on monthly totems, little gifts, and the biggest reward, supporting an artist in her work. [LINK]

Friend, neighbor and fellow healer Heather Shoopman posted a small but lovely bit on recharging the life on her blog, Unplugging in Nature. Friendly reminder from fellow human friend about reconnecting with what's important. There are many places right here in Los Angeles, and for many of us within an hour of our home to earth and root in the human-animal experience. [LINK] made notes on unplugging from the laptop, pad, and phone and connecting to people. Specifically on our FOMO (Fear of Missing out). The article is lengthy but thoughtful. [LINK]

"The deepest truth about human being is not the one we are so often presented with — that we are all driven by self-interest; that we are ruthlessly competitive by nature; that acts of apparent altruism are just a smokescreen that conceals our true motive, which is merely to be seen as ‘good’. Yes, we can be like that. But the far, far deeper truth is this one: we are by nature social creatures; most acts of altruism are precisely what they appear to be; the co-operative urge lies deep inside us all. Like so many other species on Earth, we depend on communities to sustain us. We don’t function well in isolation; we need each other."

How you need and can benefit from massage from the AMTA. By-the-bye I am a CMT. I love this work. Outside of Reiki and Readings it is the next most fulfilling aspect of my practice. [LINK]

1. Athletes of all fitness levels can benefit from massage. Are you training for a marathon or joining a softball league this spring? Studies show massage may reduce muscle tension and stiffness, increase range of motion, decrease swelling and enhance athletic performance.

2. Massage for seasonal allergy relief. Allergy season ramps up in the spring as trees and plants begin to bloom. Massage therapy may help with the symptoms that accompany seasonal allergies.

3. Boost your mood with massage therapy. May is Mental Health Month, and research indicates the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression may be positively affected with massage.

4. Share the health benefits of massage with Mom. Mother's Day is coming up on May 10. Search for a qualified massage therapist  who offers gift certificates at

Altars of the Elements is almost a go, we need more classmates to kick this off so if you and/or someone you know would like to take a four-class, four month series on sacred space and the elements, please call the Crystal Matrix. As it is it may not fly this time, regardless of how awesome it was, to return at a later date.

Taking the class supports my work, and the work of fellow artists and teachers that work with the Crystal Matrix and around the greater LA area.

Flier: Altars of the Elements - April 2015 (1)

And I'd like to end with this piece from OnBeing, Mindfulness, More Than a Buzzword, partly because Stephanie and I have created a class, Repurposing Ego: Meditation, that has been just wonderful in the exploration and poke towards the practice of meditation. [LINK]

"Mindfulness is what can permit us to no longer feel like victims of our negative emotions. Instead, it allows us to understand our intentions and gain awareness of our emotions as they arise. As they arise, we pivot, we continue to pay attention, and our world continues to open up."

Be well,

Scott K Smith
Healer. Intuitive. Artist

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