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Class and Calendar Updates, April 2015: Meditation, Ego, Altars, oh my!


Healer. Artist. Intuitive.

Class and Calendar Updates, April 2015: Meditation, Ego, Altars, oh my!

Scott K

Quick note, I updated the Calendar page to reflect all the upcoming classes, and about a week ahead of availability. I am happy to announce the comeback of one of our favorite classes at the Crystal Matrix, Altars of the Elements. 


April 2015

  • Meditation Series: Repurposing Ego. "Repurposing The Ego will explore four essential practices outside of the box of tradition to bring this force into to the front of the creative, living, process through breath, image, sound, and dialogue." 4-Weeks, starting Monday, April 6, at the Crystal Matrix.[LINK]
  • Altars of the Elements, returns on April 21st. This was an amazingly fun class of exploring the Altars and the four esoteric elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth. [LINK]
  • Community Meditation: "As Within, So Without." What am I speaking to the universe? What whispers back?" April 26, 2015 at the Crystal Matrix [Link coming soon].

About Altars of the Elements

Altars of the Elements - April 2015 (1)-page-001
Altars of the Elements - April 2015 (1)-page-001

Downloadable PDF for you to share: Altars of the Elements - April 2015 (1)

Our teachers...

Stephanie Syd Yang, Ayamanatara, Ora B. Nance-Woodley, @ the Crystal Matrix Scott K Smith,

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