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Featured - Podcast, OnBeing: The Body After Cancer with Eve Ensler


Healer. Artist. Intuitive.

Featured - Podcast, OnBeing: The Body After Cancer with Eve Ensler

Scott K


Sometimes I hear something and I must share. As a healer I cannot pass up an opportunity to pass on some of the living wisdom, shared by Eve Ensler, in this OnBeing podcast.

So many notes, for me, came out of this conversation. Eve's placement of her self in a crisis in her life, and her approach to embodying the process is powerful.

I invite you to follow the link and enjoy explore this episode with me.

The Body After Cancer

Eve Ensler has helped women all over the world tell the stories of their lives through the stories of their bodies. Her play, "The Vagina Monologues," has become a global force in the face of violence against women and girls. But she herself also had a violent childhood. And it turns out that she, like so many Western women, was obsessed by her body and yet not inhabiting it without even knowing she wasn't inhabiting her body — until she got cancer.

I'm especially highlighting this...

MS. TIPPETT: I mentioned I was at this event recently with the poets from Sierra Leone in northern Uganda and, you know, in places like that, in moments like that, poetry and beauty take on this power and this centrality. I don't know. I wonder if part of this — if we are evolving as a species, which I agree with you and I think about that a lot and I think I picked that up in my conversations. But if somehow there's something in there about us not needing to be in such a crisis to find that power in ourselves and sustain it without that kind of crisis, right?

MS. ENSLER: Absolutely. The thing is, we are in crisis in every respect.

MS. TIPPETT: You mean, all the time anyway?

MS. ENSLER: Well, we're in crisis. The earth is in crisis, you know. Humans are in crisis. We're talking about a huge percentage of people who are living in dire poverty on the planet. So it would be great to think of us not being in crisis, but in fact we are. But I would love to believe that, when we evolve to the next place, we're not going to have to utilize crisis as the basis for transformation, but that love might be the basis or connection might be the basis. And I think, by the way, I don't feel now that I need things to be terrible in order to change. Like that is not my modus operandi anymore.

Full episode with Even Ensler, here, OnBeing:


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