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Update: Readings and Healings


Healer. Artist. Intuitive.

Update: Readings and Healings

Scott K

I have restocked the readings section of the shop now that I am back in Los Angeles. I have also added two new services to the site, distance healing work. Distance Healing Requests are by love donation. I have worked with healing requests over many years on a weekly and monthly basis. As I've gotten more engaged in the work and my experience has expanded I have tidied up the process. [LINK]

“The wound is a place where light enters you.” — Rumi

Session: Healing Transmission I have also included a dedicated healing transmission service to the page. I do this for several private clients, one of whom actually prefers the distance, with great results and I decided to offer this up to you, my readers, clients and friends. [LINK]

If you have questions about either of these services, please contact me for more information.

Online Readings: Life Path Readings, Mini and Full Tarot Readings, Oracle of CavesButterfly relationship readings, and Spirit Portraits are now restocked and available online.

There are three other services in the works, details on those for subscribers to the March 2015 newsletter... You can subscribe here [LINK].

Scott K Smith 
ealer. Intuitive. Artist

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