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Weaving Moonlight, by Eric Dupree


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Weaving Moonlight, by Eric Dupree

Scott K


I've gone on a lot about books recently because reading is fueling the new creative in me for this year. In many ways I am still gestating but I can feel a lot of what I want to do begin to emerge as I nurture a new year. In my last post (the book one) I mentioned Weaving Moonlight, Lunar Mysteries, Meditations and Magic for the Soul, as one of my go to "practice" practice books for this year. Getting into deeper connection with the phases, cycle and tides felt more than relevant to me.

As an added bonus for the mention and the review... Eric has decided to offer a special up to you, my readers on his book if you order direct through his website. In this way if you want to follow along with me, or find your own or even come into a new practice of your own, you can take inspiration from Eric Dupree, in Weaving Moonlight.

Bonus, at the moment you get 35% off the cover price if you order direct from Eric with the special discount code.


I'm happy to see evolution in books on magic in the last 15-20 years take steps in new directions. When I was young, purchasing books on lunar tides and magical practices, with some notable exceptions, looked liked tomes of spells and rituals with standards in meditation and variations of raising energy. I loved those books because they were the first published works I could get my hands on and in addition to awakening works like the Spiral Dance, or Drawing Down the Moon, my fevered "take any class I can possibly find" approach to the all of everything I lumped into magic, I can't imagine a teenage without them. Those spell-craft, herbalism and "how too" books made some of the more grueling experiences of my life survivable, and introduced me to kindred spirits on the path of life.

They invoked creativity to growth and advanced me as a person.

Some of those "spells" worked, and worked well, but just not all of them. And as I grew spiritually and realized common threads, and diverse paths in magic/k (and the differences), I found what it was I was looking for was a missing element to my work, a path and practice that suited me.

Weaving Moonlight, Lunar Mysteries, Meditations and Magic for the Soul responds to that yearning for path and practice. For the young or the versed Weaving Moonlight spins a sometimes clunky approach to magic by breaking down components and helping you add them together again, by drawing us into some of the oldest mysteries in the Magic of the Moon, by encouraging the vehicle of practice. Through the phases, meditations, journals, gems of information, and subtle coaxing in his words Eric Dupree offers us a more intimate dance with the lady in the sky.

I've been "practicing" since I was... older than some boots, almost 30 years and it is refreshing to find a little volume of magical practice that brings us into what I can only seem to dub, the Yoga of Magic. I am journaling in a new way, I am considering my relationship to the Goddess, the Moon, with new eyes and after reading through Weaving Moonlight, I'm digesting the lunar light in new ways through the phases, applying the practice to my writing, goals and creative process.

"Thumbs up" as they say, I'd consider Weaving Moonlight, a jewel on the bookshelf. Eric offers a practical approach to lunar magic without losing the poetry of being.

To order your copy of Weaving Moonlight click here:

Enter the Discount Phrase: Moonlight and get 35% off the price.

Enjoy, loves. I am.

Scott K Smith 
ealer. Intuitive. Artist

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