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The Site Will Be A-Changin' - and other updates


Healer. Artist. Intuitive.

The Site Will Be A-Changin' - and other updates

Scott K


Okay so "stuff," about my website and services in the coming year, which is just a few days away, but first I'd like to start by thanking every one of you that has been a part of this incredible (if at times challenging) year. Your comments, shares, and various hurrah's in the virtual world have really helped to carry the musings, daily Wisdom spreads, classes and events, and my services to a bigger audience. And for those of you who commited to a class or meditation, thank you. The year for  me in the Tarot was Chariot and that meant taking the reigns of my life and making magick happen. 2015 for me is the year is one of Strength. I've thought a lot about this as a theme and written a few musings about what I feel is in the air with this kind of influence. Strength as I am reading this year, is really about continuing influences that have bloomed as the connections we are making with one another collectively in our communities, practices, and with our friends and family have grown. Strength is asking us to recognize that "no man (or woman) is an island unto themselves," and in growing this year I am asking us all to consider lessons from the Chariot, and resisting the reactive, the controlling, the mad racing that we it seems are prone to. Chariot taught us to ride together, as people, in collective movement... and the cost of stubborn refusal, bucking harmony,fear and the use of power as means of control, judgment, and punishment.

Strength means we are a dynamic community. As a group we have power. Strength is in the heart, not the head, and so is a warm movement however stern or embracing it must be. With that said there are some changes that I will be making this year.

Wisdom Dailies


As much as I have loved the last three or four years of morning meditation on the Tarot and Oracles I must let this sharing project go. I am moving into a new stage of my life and the urge to write has brought me to a moment where I am now looking at the commitment I have made to myself as a stepping stone to deeper, more substantive work. I want to go deeper into the writing process and with only so much time in a day, I am sacrificing the daily musings and using this time to write articles, manuals, and dare I say it..? A book?

I am familiar with the spirit of what I wish to write about but I've never ventured into a project like this before. In return for the exchange of energy going from one project into another I will be sharing snippets, art and the like via subscription, with occasional posts to the various social media outlets you and I share. There have been days where I have spent up to 1 1/2 hours meditating, writing, pulling in stones and found objects, photographing and then editing the bit, as a give away to readers. I owe it to you and myself to create something new and that's exactly what I am going to do.

Newsletter and blog announcements are going Lunar, so expect updates on the moon. I will offer more information on this expansion through the newsletter, please subscribe to stay in the current:


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I'll update the bulk of the information on what I'm bringing to the table in 2015 but briefly, as I grow and update so does my offerings. This will included expansions on readings, old and new classes, and up-and-coming "things" of fun or wonder through the website.

I will not be traveling all over LA to offer massage and energy services, however my home is still a safe space for the work that I do; And maybe you can help me with this one...

I'm looking for another place in the Greater LA area that would be interested in working together in healing therapies. I've got my eye on a few venues that I will be visiting in the new year but if you know of a store or healing center owner who would be interested in collaborating this year please let me know. I'd love to see a second site in the Pasadena, Glendale, Burbank, Silver Lake, East or North East LA (NELA) areas specifically for Energy Work, Therapeutic Touch, and the various combinations.

I do not want to "rent a space." I would love to come in as a collaborator with someone who has a welcome sense of community prosperity, that sees potential and service first.

Alternatively I have now and so will continue to offering my healings as a day service for groups. More on that later.

I am fully inspired by T Thorn Coyle and Storm Faerywolf recent conversation via podcast at Elemental Casting. In discussing the element of Earth, money, prosperity and charging for services they dropped a golden nugget on something I should have considered a long time ago. With these awesome muses in mind, and this will go into the site build out (below) I will bring out the emphasis on the sliding scale. Can only afford so much, great. Can afford more but want to "pay it forward" for someone else, awesome. You're all loved and I want to spread that wealth around. Podcast here [LINK].

Please note that Sunday's at the Crystal Matrix will no longer include energy sessions. I have also adjusted some pricing on the readings.

Services update at the Crystal Matrix.

Art and Things

Short and sweet look for a few things in the immediate work.


The image I did for "Dancing Naked in the Shadow of the Moon," which is not in the publishing phase, and due to circumstance that are rather unfortunate may not be, is now in the hands of the Temple of Witchcraft. I'm very happy with the work and however Christopher and the Temple choose to use it. Yes I am happy.

Finding Masculine in Goddesses' Spiral, Men in Ritual, Community and Service to the Goddess, forthcoming is going to be an amazing collaboration of voices in the Pagan and Magical community. I'm also looking down the road at this one as I am grateful and proudly a part of. I think this is my real first piece of published writing, and I'm just stoked.

I have yet to meet Eric Dupree in person but online he has been a wonderful connection. In love and wisdom, thank you Eric!

Finding the Masculine in Goddess' Spiral

Men in Ritual, Community and Service to the Goddess.

Edited by Erick DuPree, Forward by YesheRabbit Matthews with Afterword by Ivo Dominguez, Jr.

There is a movement among pagan identified men to step out on their own creating dialogues about their masculinity as men of the Goddess.  Men reclaiming their right to a sacred form of masculine, and are wondering, "what type of man am I supposed to be?"  How do Pagan men reclaim the overarching word’s expectation of what masculinity should be, in alignment with a Goddess centered faith?  

This anthology will explore men and their relationship with the Goddess and the overarching Pagan community. Complete with personal essays and articles that detail personal experiences with the Goddess, how these men have come to know the Goddess, and ways they have worked through challenges and obstacles being a man within the Pagan movement.

Discovering how we walk Immanent, at the crossroads of where wisdom is found and practical experience begins.

More here:


Website Updates at

My last big update is a website overhaul. I'm really only okay at this sort of thing so please forgive me if things get a little wonky at the home page. I'm totally open for a service exchange, website update for massage, healings, readings or art. I'm just sayin'...

There are fun things coming down stream this year, some of them are long in the planning and I need to get this space dusted off and fixed up to accommodate all the everything I'd like to see come out of it. Posts, updates, and all the above mentioned work will now be posted directly to the website. There is something about not having a center source outside of my computer for all the images and writing on my journey, and all of that work on other sites like Facebook and Instagram, Google + that brought me back home to the website.

I don't know what that will look like but, central posting and sending out the work is important to me.

Lots more to come, thank you for being a part of my community.

Be love.

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