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Event: Bringing the Gods, Bringing the Light


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Event: Bringing the Gods, Bringing the Light

Scott K

BRINGING THE GODS BRINGING THE LIGHT Winter solstice is the night when, around the world, people have stayed up, through the longest night, to await the coming of the dawn and the return of the light. The power of the sun is at its lowest point. In the morning, the sun will experience a rebirth, and the sun will once again grow in power. It is also the darkest night, as we are in the time of the dark moon. Hecate invites you into the darkness, into the silence, to make friends with the shadows and to hear the wisdom.

The first peoples used this time of the longest night to reflect on the darkness. Not the negative image of the darkness, but the richness of the unknown, the dark, fertile, deep part of us, from whence our intuition and creativity spring forth. In Judaism, there is the holiday of Hanukkah, where they celebrate the emergence of light as a gift from the Divine. In Christianity, there is the celebration of the coming of a new dawn, a new consciousness. The Hindi place oil lamps on the roof to honor the return of the sun. This is a time to release those things which no longer serve us, so that we might be reborn. A time to refashion ourselves, a time to greet the coming new cycle.

We are combining New Moon Gathering and Winter Solstice, as well as Scott Smith's and Ayamanatara's Journeying the Invocation ritual into one big beautiful celebration!

We will begin with holiday crafts, move into a discussion of the energies and a setting of intention and space-no space, glide into the meat of the ritual, where we each invoke (bring through) a Divine Energy and have a shared-yet-personal experience, and finish with gentle fellowship and potluck.

Feel free to dress in a seasonal costume (we leave that up to your interpretation, although masks are always great for this ritual). Please being a dish to share (including an ingredient list is kind to those with food sensitivities). If you would like to take the energy home with you, please bring a 7-day candle (or purchase one in the store before we begin!) - red, green, or white are the most appropriate colors.

$25 if paid one week in advance $33 at the door (ticket link coming soon) Link to Facebook Page. Please RSVP with the Crystal Matrix ONLY:

The Crystal Matrix 3215 Glendale Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90039 P: 323.644.7625