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"But wait, there's more!" On Spirit Vessels for Intentional work in 2015, year of Strength.


Healer. Artist. Intuitive.

"But wait, there's more!" On Spirit Vessels for Intentional work in 2015, year of Strength.

Scott K


Reminder... LPR-03-Central_Theme_GuidanceFor each Life Path or Full Tarot Reading purchased (online readings only) I will enter your name in a drawing for a custom intention jar that I will create, work the magick on, and send to you (instructions included).

Intention Jars are working vessels that are custom designed by Scott to suit your desires, goals, and intentions for the 2015 year cycle, the Year of Strength!

These vessels work similarly to a Honey Jar, or Intention Vessel offered by Phoenix Magick. Magickally tailored with herbs and stones, charged on the altar with three levels of practice in Magick: Light Work, charged objects, and ritual work.

I use this very vessel for my work, and successfully implemented with a handful of clients.

Winner will be announced in December and contacted in January for an appointment (online, or local). I can only offer this contest within the US, Canada, Mexico and .

Photo's and more details to come. In the meantime you can pick up your Life Path Reading for next year, below.

2015 - Year of Strength I'm looking and planning ahead for the 2015 year. There will be some changes to the format of the Wisdom Daily, musings with the Tarot, during what will be The Year of Strength.

The Musings, your personal Life Path Readings, and the Spirit Jars will all come into alignment during the new year.

I have a few other fun things in the works, more to come on that in the November update.

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