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Wisdom Daily Expanded: Notes on energy and "vibes."


Healer. Artist. Intuitive.

Wisdom Daily Expanded: Notes on energy and "vibes."

Scott K

Year of the Chariot: October 13,  2014 

IMG_1757Someone somewhere posted something to the effect of, "Trust the vibes you get, energy doesn't lie..." and I had a big "hmm" over this one. For myself, the biggest challenge I faced in really knowing my intuitive awareness [that felt the energy], was learning to distinguish my feelings, and my thoughts, from the real "real" that was happening. The realness came in snap shots, "fits and starts" as they say; but with daily, dedicated, ritualized practice that flicker of feeling began to happen with more regularity until I could distinguish my thoughts and feelings from energetically aware, and sense things. 
And then suddenly the modern world is a very strange place, and some people are so terrifyingly asleep, things and their toxicity... The "real" natural things, stand out with such a vividness from all that seems to askew, black and white, and forced. 
I don't have a card or a spread today. I think in light of the way we obscure, cover, project, shadow and subvert the Real: real history, real story, real people, real magick... health, food, atrocity, truth, everything; that there are certain realities in life and no religion, no cover-up, substance, or illusion will protect us from forever, unless you have the gross amount of money to force it away and paint the world in the lacquer of your choosing. We cannot escape the gravity that comes at us with such force, to pull us out of the puppet show and back to the moment. Yes I think it's easier in the moment then to wind myself on fake, or maybe I'm just getting too old to want to force charades when I can stand in the authentic, this unseen real, and walk with the Goddesses and Gods, nature, as I have come to find it. 
So to trust the "vibe" I had to learn who I was, how I worked and get beneath the mechanics and into the theory of me, us, all of it. It was awesome deeper than thoughts and feelings, opinion and popularity, big names and how much I am "liked."
And then yes, there was the energy, and that was a truth.
“Pulvis et umbra sumus. (We are but dust and shadow.)”

― Horace, The Odes of Horace: Bilingual Edition

Question: What is one good thing I do for myself, daily if I can, that costs nothing, affirms my health, happiness, love or life (or all the above), and have I done it today? What thing undermines who I am, my health, happiness, love or life, and can I not do that thing, just for today?Good.
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“Intuition is the Higher Self, speaking through the Soul, in the present moment.”