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Wisdom Daily. October Overview: Musings on Karma, Pain and Change.


Healer. Artist. Intuitive.

Wisdom Daily. October Overview: Musings on Karma, Pain and Change.

Scott K

03-Monthly Spread Middle Path

Wisdom Overview, October 2014. Year of the Chariot.

01-Monthly Spread full

Interesting month of Karmic lessons, potential changes, introspection and the option between choice and blame.  Strong ancestral, or guiding spirit, influences grounded with mineral information and notes on the coming Mercury Retrograde (October 3rd - 25th).

Again I present to you the  monthly in the three realms format, upper, middle, and lower paths of Inspiration, Power, and the shaping of the message

At this time things vibrate at a frequency of change. Changing direction, changing minds, change. This is not always simple, because we're more than parroting a constant message about the fluid nature of living, we are speaking to key point where what does need attention, around our emotional connections, is now. It is in your best interest to take time in your choosing, this month old wounds may flair, strike the heart, but my dear... do not pull the blade and strike back.

Inspiration from the Watcher

There is Karma, and then there's Karma, oft referred to as "the B*tch" in American culture, but generally when it's named so lowly, I tend to think of it as the real thing. Karma and suffering, the great wheel appearing in the Tarot of the Spirit quite brilliantly with the following notes.

02-Monthly Spread Stary Path

Heavenly, or solar/starry influences coming through in the form of completing karmic lessons, cutting or evaluating ties, making new steps in old or new directions, but definitely in different patterns.

There are layers here, and within them, deeper levels and tones. This is where the magick of inspiration is coming in, as a heavenly influence I see the wonder in the eyes of that metaphoric Wanderer, overflowing into our hearts and minds as we seek deeper meaning, answers, and depth to the dimensions of our life.

I bring in gifts from the earth here to ground the message, adding Labradorite and Appetite to the mix, deepening the dimension to our view and experience, while adding the "ah-ha!" to the understanding.

Remember that "Karma" is the Wheel of Fortune, in the Tarot, a sign of opportunity to discuss what is, what has been, and what can be done differently to create the changes we are seeking in our life. It is a Fortune card, asking us to invest our interest in creating inspirational, magickal, change for our better fulfilment in life.

Naming the Power

03-Monthly Spread Middle Path

Ah-ha's manifest in spaces of abundant introspection. Not to be a "The Sky-IS-Falling, Mercury Retrograde, Hen," but it is our time to turn inward this month. Hunter of Abundance is speaking to the aspects of our spirit that are seeking greater fulfillment, and the means to have that quality of life, while the hooded man is speaking to our tool-set that invests in inner-space; seeking answers from our guiding forces: Gods, Ancestors, Divinations that guide us into deeper understanding.

For more insight into Mercury Retrograde, I support Mystic Mamma, her latest post features bits from Robert Wilkinson, but I wont steal her thunder, small quote and link to redirect you there and read along. Important in this for me, to the monthly draw is the insights from emotional realizations, and our relationships in the last few years.

“The coming retrograde will be an extremely important one showing us how to feel a deeper connection with others, learn cooperation, and give us one look back so we can get clear about how to use the wisdom of our 2011-2012 experience to a) repair something, b) reconstruct something to get a different view of what happened and why, and/or c) find peace in having overcome old dramas we no longer need to be involved in.
“We can get a new look at recent balance or imbalances in our relationships, and receive blessings from Spirit once we’re willing to ‘let go, let God,’ especially if it involves old resentments and unnecessary limitations."  -See more at: LINK

A choose Kyanite here, the Stone of the Month at the Crystal Matrix,

"Kyanite can assist in reminding you who you really are… in other words, it will help you to Remember. As it connects the light body with the causal plane it reawakens the energetic impulses of the Causal Chakra for clearer insight and communication with other dimensions. It can open the mind, the heart and the mental aspects of self to create clearer creative endeavors and purpose." - See more at: LINK

The power we are finding here is our ability to self-reflect, trance, journey into spaces and draw on soul insights to our current situation. In the Autumn time, as we approach Samhain we have a growing direct access through the veil to our ancestral connections, guiding voices, past, present, and future.

Shaping the Message

04-Monthly Spread Ancestor Path

Drawing three of Arrows and the Advisor, I felt that "Jealousy" was a harsh word from the guiding spirits, but never one to shy away from difficult answers I'm looking at this as an indicator of triggers from past-life, childhood, the old wounds, even genetics as sharp and guiding arrows to where are intentions are guiding us.

When we travel into the heart of things we will find a visceral experience much more sensate and powerful than we imagined. The heart is blood, muscle, sinew; like Venus our hearts are much different up close than seen from a safe distance. Living is not tidy. The key for me  here is approaching issues (Past/Current/Potential) with your own wounds in  mind, especially in this retrograde cycle. Past messages of using our gifts to go within, really get behind our thoughts and feelings to express mental fluidity and emotional flow, are smart skills we have acquired over the year and come into play at this time.

I bring Petrified Wood to the reading here, for genetic memory, access to memory in our lifetimes, and those relations (spiritual or genetic) that may have unconscious (karmic) influences in our lives.

The pain or pleasure of this slice of life is our own making, bitter or sweet it may suit you to be in the position of choice, rather than blame.

"I grow and evolve slowly, steadily, and with strength and patience, drawing from the lessons of my soul's history."

-- Affirmation, from Naisha Ahsia, The Book of Stones

Wisdom: Wounds of the heart, the soul, may frame the world as a sharp and deadly place... but it is only this way, because the wound, or the scar, is our referring to experience. There are many other experiences happening, at this time, and every shift we make to mindfully lift the pain of past, and move into the present, and see that the world is our making; and so we must make a better world to live in. This starts with my actions. More, this really starts with my thoughts and feelings, healing the fear, the pain, mending the dark by taking the tinder of our shadows and bringing them into the light of the heart.

Set your dreams alight.

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“Intuition is the Higher Self, speaking through the Soul, in the present moment.”