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Wisdom Daily September Tarot Overview: Joy, Connection, Responsibility

Scott K

Wisdom Daily - Year of the Chariot: September 01, 2014

The Sun, Emperor, and Strength (Tarot)Good-good, wherever you are, however this meets you. September is here and so a new monthly overview of the Wisdom Daily. I can't seem to wrap my head around walking through the door of this month. I feel in some ways that I just started this years Tarot, Chariot inspired, musings and here we are moving into Autumn. 

This month, drawn to simplify the process of the monthly spread. Inspired early on by the three-worlds, three wisdom influence on the spread partly inspired the Druid's craft and strongly influenced by the framework of The Three Rays of Witchcraft, Christopher Penczak, Copper Cauldron Publishing. Drawing on three worlds guides us into guiding influences from the Divine, the Elemental-Magick of Free Will, and the secret wisdom of the unseen but felt principles. I believe that Christopher illustrated them in various trinities such as Maiden, Mother, Crone, and God, the Son, The Holy Spirit, etc. 

Thought, Knowledge, Inspiration; or in the Temple of Witchcraft Tradition: Watcher, Namer, Shaper. So I present this months overview of musings as such, three worlds, bodies wisdom in our power, our wisdom and our love. 

Inspiration from the Watcher

SunEverything has its peak experience, at the heart I find a connection to something greater, a running theme through August has grown into a guiding force through our September walk. Spiritual connections we have made with our self, with guiding principles, with the Gods come into a personal solstice peak of light and guiding force. I foresee the growth of the invisible threads of love and guidance made available through the practice of stillness, awareness, and connection. This can appear as a shift from one world into another, in a big-picture sense it is a change of light, and in that change of light a shift of perception, and the world looks different. Cast in a different light, hopefully gentler but the Spirit speaks to you may it be illuminating, what does that light say about your own inner compass and center? How have you changed and so how has your reception of life become different, new or renewed?

The card here is the Sun, in its various forms, and so that is a celebration of light, joy, heart and soul. It is a time to come fully into the harmonics of personal alignment of nature and universe, to BE that alignment with nature and universe. Alive, awake, loving. 

Naming the Power

EmperorThere is power in names and I don't speak of command but, as I often do, of shared power. Knowing a thing creates an intimate bond between you and it, be it  your friends or the shape of a stone you carry in your pocket, the intimacy of knowing inspires the connection to become animate, shaping the connection into something vivid and real. My card here is the Emperor which stabilizes high 'inspiring' energies into a foundational form of order, or stability, of guidance... not ruling. Emperor out of balance is the patriarchal nightmare of the dictator, we are not him. But beneath the Emperor and his Shadow lies the message of the naming: Responsibility.

We may or may not have called in inspiring energies from the Higher Self, the Divine, but we most certainly have at this level for we are dealing with the physical world and the active shaping power of our intentions when I look at the middle path. The Emperor, that's us in this instance, is responsible for all of his or her actions, consequences and results. An echo of August's last message, the power of choice.

Have we been good stewards with our connections? Have you been reluctant to become intimate with a thought, subject or relation? Why is that? Is there an echo there resonating back to you? What does it speak of and what is your course?

Shaping the Message

StrengthThe card I draw here is Strength which for me both echo's the pillar of strength we find in the Emperor and his responsibility, but also the light of consciousness connection that this creates when we come into alignment with our own spiritual cosmology. When high and low meet in harmony, when the bowls of the groin and the chest/heart come into alignment, the bowl of the head is open to receive light. 

Strength in this instance as a way to shape the message for usable inspiration is standing firmly with feet planted. This, and I'm going to play a meme on this one an opportunity to take the base and abused message by people and the media of "Stand your ground" (laws, stances) and elevate the fear embedded in that construct. I am looking at themes like:

  • Proper conflict
  • Good arguments
  • Intelligent discourse in spite of disagreement, evoking spirit of the Shaper to help us individually and collectively create something new out of two materials that do not seem to mix together.

Our strength is not to stand our ground with weapons against "the enemy" but to hold our focus, our intent, and keep our hearts open to wisdom and find poetry in movement like "beating the chest" so that we can find the lions heart beneath it... to roar the highest connection and awaken and not chase away opposition with fear. 

“In dwelling, live close to the ground. In thinking, keep to the simple. In conflict, be fair and generous. In governing, don't try to control. In work, do what you enjoy. In family life, be completely present.” 
― Lao Tzu

Wisdom: I keep my head by standing on my feet, being in my skin, and speaking from the heart. I keep my humility by accepting responsibility for my actions. I keep my power through the sacred connection I share with all life: power is shared wisdom.

602793Scott K Smith Healer. Intuitive. Artist

“Intuition is the Higher Self, speaking through the Soul, in the present moment.”