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Journey Journal: Hummingbird


Healer. Artist. Intuitive.

Journey Journal: Hummingbird

Scott K


I haven't posted a journal entry in a while. My life has revolved around a lot of art, divination, and healing lately and so, personal things like public journal's went to the way side as I devoted time to the good work. It's nice to write without a reason other than the journal and the time spent in thought.

A few Sundays back I had a moving experience with a hummingbird. Now, I want to preface this entry. I need to let you know that in some senses that it wasn't a happy experience, unfortunately the hummingbird did not make it but I was present as he passed.

I have a busy schedule but I make time to be outdoors with my love, my dog, Trixie. Miss Trixie, Trixie Turner, Beatrix Ocatavia Butler--so named after one of my most favorite authors. I prefer the park, and I think she does as well. Lots of smells, big trees, fewer people and more nature. Elysian Park up and behind Dodger Stadium is our preferred tracking ground and I try to get out there at least 3 times a week, but I aim for five. If you look at many of these old trees there you will find plaques that tell you species, origin and the like. I've learned a bit more about trees, beyond just generally loving to be around them, feet in the grass, looking up.

This last Sunday we did our usual walk, noted the heard of German Shepard's from a rescue organization we stumble into, monthly. We played ball, drank water, and lounged in the grass.

Time to go I packed up the bag and headed to the car. A bunch of traffic kept us idling in the turn lane to get home, I practiced a little Light Around Thoughts as traffic can make the best human aggravated, and I waited our turn.

As I turned and accelerated two hummingbirds darted low into the street. I tried to break but, as I rolled forward and looked in my rear view mirror I noticed that one of the two birds was in the middle of the street. Tiny little body motionless. I swore and pulled over, turned around and tried to run out to the bird which was rudely rolled over by a truck. I'm thinking at this point, can't you see the injured bird in the road?! 

I ran out into the street and he was immobile but breathing so I scooped him up and dashed back to the car. Trixie, in the passenger seat sat quietly as the engine hummed and I gave Reiki and apologies to the little guy for hitting him. Checking him out, gently rolling his body I could tell that he'd suffered at least a head injury, and so I doubled my focus on the healing energy.

Alas it was his time. This was the amazing part, certainly bitter-sweet. As I held him he suddenly shook, spread his wings and pulled up his legs as if to fly. I was afraid he was going to go zipping around the car and started to cup him again when he let out this trill of song, wings flapping... and died.

My hands filled with warmth. I checked to see if he had let loose his last bits but he had not. The hummingbird had bunched up and opened wings to fly, and with a last song, left us.

I'm heartsore. If you know me then you know that this wasn't just an animal to me, it was life, it was probably learning about life from a parent, he was a little guy, very young, and I was the vehicle of his passage.

I buried the little bird beneath the turf, against the hills along the road.

It was one of those moments... thanks for listening.

“Intuition is the Higher Self, speaking through the Soul, in the present moment.” 

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