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Wisdom Dailies - August 2014, Overview


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Wisdom Dailies - August 2014, Overview

Scott K

Welcome August month. I'm blinking emphatically here... Really we're in the 8th calendar month already? I feel like I need to switch my life and timing into a Lunar-Calendar thinking, something closer to heart, closer to home.

Last month I had the wonderful opportunity to complete a unique Light Body experience outside of my Orin and Daben, Awaken Your Light Body track of training--which is almost done by the way, so look forward to class announcement. Through the end of June and into July friend Patricia Bankins at The Crystal Matrix set the space, invited in Gods and guests, so that I could experience the Alton Kamadon Melchizedek levels one and two.

Amazing. The Melchizedek method and activation's were a nice ladder that bridged my experience across the veil, with a tangible empowerment hat opened up my perception and energy; improving my intuition my psychic ability, and expanding a whole other level of channeling and finesse in the energetic experience. Most importantly it brought me closer to my spiritual family and friends.

This brings me into this months reading from where I sit, and what I see. 

I find that the lessons of this year have been, in light of intentions, about disconnecting us from what no longer serve the dream, our goals, and so ultimately the life-fulfilled. This message has echoed through the dailies since we began, it is the Thread of Red in 2014's design. Fulfillment is not about money, or notoriety, or personal gains for personality because these in-the-moment gratuities that are a part of life are not what actually fulfills us! They are part of our social structure, and when we consider income they are usually part of our survival. It is a given that things like an income are part of the tangibility of fulfillment, but the resonance, the emotive, the awareness of your life does not come through in these bits and pieces solely on the satisfaction of rewards for their parts; it is felt when we come out of connecting to them as if they are supposed to be the answer to fulfillment, and see them as constructive parts, tools, and creative algorithms that are part of the parcel of life-fulfilled.

What if the call for you was to emerge out of an illusion about your life and find the clear reality obfuscated, so that you cannot see it standing around you? What if you have grown up in an environment that dictates fulfillment via: flavor over substance, money over magick, fear over faith, work-weeks over sun and moon and natures tides?

As I spread the cards this month I offer the following... you have, we all have participated in this illusion. This is the trickery that draws you from the oceans tide, the change of the seasons, and into a water treatment plant.

Age of Pisces became two fish in a bowl, Aquarius is to pour them out and let the fish and the water return to the cycle of life-death-rebirth.

It is from my perspective that things are in harmony for a shift from one kind of rhythm into another this month. Without abandoning our need to interact (however comfortably) with the world we connect such as: political structures, financial institutions, jobs, and other grids built around us and we have grown up within; The calling is here to move the heart from fearing/needing of these things, into connection with our Invisible Real: Gods, Nature, Divinities, Ancestors, Magick, Tide, Season, Living...

This sounds all big and grandiose in inspiration, remember I can read into this for you specifically, with personal details.

It is timing on the Wheels of the Chariot and this is a moment to create a leap in the shift by shifting the perspective.

Here's an image for you, and you may have your own but it is the operative vision for me. Man or woman dressed for the occasion. The fingers of their right hand to their lips pantomiming "hush;" however they adorned they make a magickal sign with their left hand that comes off as a gesture, an affectation that is almost dismissed. Note the twinkle in their eyes, the cunning, the love, the play; Seen but unobserved, they are the Magi because they are magick and do not need to entertain you with claptrap... but will dazzle you with simple living which seems like the supernatural, only because the viewer is so out of sync.

The Magi knows but does not need to announce, parade, or postulate. She or he is in the world of man, but not of it, instead they are part of nature, the rhythm, the tide. They are living in the energy of their fulfillment now, today, and operating magickal formula, pulling cards, dancing under the moon behind the facade of the social construct.

As I left July, a month of communication and entered this spread for August I though to myself, Well if I paid attention last month to the messages that came through for me... I realized that it wasn't just hearing messages, no. It wasn't just listening to what was transmitted. I also spent some time considering what I was say, not just how but why I felt motivated to communicate what I did. July for me was a lesson in hearing and speaking from the space of my dream fulfilled.

Now it is August, it's your turn. Consider it a birthday present to me, live into your connection in any way you can. It's not about how big or how much, it's about making this kind of relating a closer part of your being while taking care of the necessities of the human world.

The purpose of our Journey is not to live in altered states but to enter these higher, deeper, more connected moments with whatever our Unseen Real is, and return to the here and now, to live them in this life. Hopefully that increases our fulfillment and raises the consciousness, in turn raising consciousness around us.


The message should be clear for you this month, if it is not, the intuition is there to lead you into direction of fulfillment. Discern the difference between satisfaction and fulfillment through available means and align your heart--this is the "be open, be soft, surrender" space--with the Love, Will and Wisdom you know to be your spiritual family. Remember the Charioteer isn't "commanding" the Chariot, he's in a fantastic operation with the wisdom of beasts and humanity, with magickal timing and sensitivity cooperatively moving to succeed.

Power is not yours. Ownership of power is part of the problem because we're dealing with seemingly infinite celestial sources that have manifested on the one and only planet we know to contain life, in finite and fragile forms. Power is collective, lean into yours and give up the ego about "mine."

Love is a feeling shared. It is a desire to connect beyond the self and rejoice in relationships. It is available in the natural relationships we have, watch expectations, watch passive-demands, ware anything but acceptance when it comes to our loved ones... and do me a favor extend the same amount of love you have for intangibles to the person sitting next to you, this is where the idea operates, in your home, next door, and with the people around you.

Practice Tonglen,

"So on the sport you can do tonglen for all people who are just like you, for everyone who wishes to be compassionate but instead is afraid, for everyone who wishes to be brave but instead is a coward. 

Rather than beating yourself up, use your own stuckness as a stepping stone to understanding what people are up against all over the world.

Breathe in for all of us and breath out for all of us.

Use what seems like poison as medicine. Use your personal suffering as a path to compassion for all beings."

--Pema Chodron, on Tonglen

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Remember that all projects belong to the self, and so what we are expressing as part of our experience is ultimately our lesson as well. The lessons are easy when they are about expressing things creatively and positively, harder still when we ignore them the first time around and instead choose to learn them from a more challenging perspective. So lastly I leave you with these words from Patricia Bankin's (most recent) newsletter:

Your research must be disentangled from any societal beliefs also. This includes, most especially, political and religious doctrines or propaganda that automatically color your research; even those you disagree with on principle, that you may satisfy your need to know what is real. Allow yourself to read or discover all lines of inquiry and all points of view. This  will enable you to gather the information without prejudice or prejudgement to events. Allow yourself to learn who the actors, the people, in these events are from multiple angles before moving into discernment of the actions you see...notice we do not say facts. Again, information and facts are not always the same things.
YOU are the deciding factor of discernment. After collecting your information you must sit with it and balance it in your heart. This is what Thoth was trying to teach the Egyptians. Not only the balancing of evil and light in the final stages of life, but more importantly the balancing of truth and untruth during life. It is not with your intellect or your emotions, but your heart that the final...
Read the full Spirit Speaks, here:

Notes on the Spread

  • Elements
    • East: Spirit of Family
    • South: Ancestor of Memory
    • West: Hunter of Strength
    • North: Spirit of Empowerment
  • Cards
    • NE: Two of Water + The Sun
    • SE: The Star + Two of Vessels
    • SW: Nine of earth + Ace of Vessels
    • NW: Eight of Earth + Three of Stones
  • Keywords: Family/Relations; Memory; Strength; Empowerment; Squares; Structures; Boundaries

“Intuition is the Higher Self, speaking through the Soul, in the present moment.” 

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