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Community Meditation: Thank You.


Healer. Artist. Intuitive.

Community Meditation: Thank You.

Scott K

Just a quick note to say thank you to everyone who came to Community Meditation night at The Crystal Matrix. It's nice to see regular faces, and meet new folks interested in coming together. Meditation is a foundation practice, it builds a stable base of experience around listening, receptivity, and provides a stepping stone to the curious and the dedicated to explore other metaphysical interests such as healing, creative visualization, and self-exploration. It is the base of everything I do, I practice every day.

I'm looking forward to launching a class around the experience, especially the questions and challenges. Not everyone comes to these events at the peak of their meditative experience. It is a "practice," which means it is something that you work with, always. A tool that builds upon itself and can open expanded states of awareness, deeper knowing about our feelings, our mind, and our world which I think is particularly important now.

I'm looking forward to many more lovely evenings of community, gathering around the inner fire of wisdom.

My love,

602793Scott K Smith Healer. Intuitive. Artist


“Intuition is the Higher Self, speaking through the Soul, in the present moment.” ~ Scott 

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