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July Daily Tarot Wisdom: Transcendence


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July Daily Tarot Wisdom: Transcendence

Scott K

Welcome. Was it me or did June feel like it passed very quickly, yet took forever? I think because I remained so busy with projects, classes, and events that the dual fast-slow of good times and engagement swept me up.

This month I'm continuing with the Tree and Three Worlds spreads to encompass the various influences and undertones of the Wisdom Dailies. Year of the Chariot remember?

The Chariot

The Chariot as seen on the right (Hermetic Tarot) has a few interesting attributes for meditation. We all noted in the beginning of the year that it was also the Year of the Horse, this for me created energy and opportunity to take planning, power, and speed, and unleash our project or goals out into the world.

Now is the time to do it.

As I said the card has some attributes that are potential tools for meditation and here are a few for your consideration before I bounce into the July 2014, monthly reading. Consider the following symbols and meanings as fertilizer for the moment. (Please note that the following attributions are available, with much more information, via Tarot of Spirit companion book; A boon for any reader).

  • Essence: The personality is the vehicle for ascent / descent; change perspectives for a new field of view.
  • Intelligence: Intelligence of the House of Influence; in the physical body, we are the act, the actor, and the means of action.
  • Veil: True knowledge is blocked by stopping the inquiry at the Symbol. Symbolism represents Spirit, but it is not Spirit (this plays with the Ain Soph, we bandied with earlier this month in live readings and discussions).
  • Mystery: Form acts as a limitation, but it is not. It is protection. Form is a "Ring-Pass-Not," a finite field (of activity) in which the force of Spirit Resides. New force will dissolve old Forms. This is the creative process. You are the creative force.

July Overview

I look at the cards in this month's readings, Oracle and Tarot, and I see so many aspects to my life that are in the process of revelation. To sum up the of the process here I will look at the following themes in my life.

Dissolving old ways of thinking is an insight into a lot of what we may experience. The challenge is not to get caught in the struggle between ideas. The 'wisdom' is rising beyond the challenge, we are limiting our experience by magnetizing into any one side... the Truth is we change, the Veil is that death is 'the end,' when really the transformations we experience, great or small, are variations on the theme: Evolution; Ascension; Transformation from one form into another. There is the opportunity to pass through a self-limiting idea about self, world, or belief about others in processing fear, passing through beliefs, and entering a world of new (higher) ideas.

What happens when you take the positive, creative, scintillating idea and start to make it, live it, work it, love it? Consider RuPaul, or someone equally fabulous, your muse from on high. It is possible to be daring and create with joy, and not live in a space of worry or concern for what others might think (Judgement).

The Connection between what is rising up (unconscious) and what is descending (inspiration) can flow into concert however it is in the transcendence and the surrender that this fusion begins to happen. When we exceed the idea, the symbol, we enter into the realm of [that] realism; The real of our experience for us, authored by us, in cahoots with the Universe as we know it and experience it.

The key to the deep energies here is ecstatic, our ability to surrender into the joy, consciously. We can use one of our gates of power to realize this process, consider it celebratory to honor inspiring energies by manifesting them in play: Art, Sex, Music, Dance, Meditation, pick your doorway to trust and surrender but help the energy you want to earth and manifest but creating a joyous pathway (for it) in your life and/or body.

Overall theme -- Transcendence: Transcending cycles, karma, thoughts, beliefs, fears...

In July what will you Transcend?


If you need help with this particular doorway I recommend the following services.

Readings: Naturally I can help here by furthering this months reading, and personalizing it to your path. See the Divination's page.

Body work is always a great for releasing tension, and falling into my safe space and therapeutic touch might be helpful as well. Alternatively, and see the special on this one that I will be sending out via email later tomorrow, are Light Spaces; Light spaces help us to shift up and transcend through refined high vibration experiences of energy. Check out my Body and Energy Work pages for more information.

Email via MailChimp with the special's, deal's and other tidbits launching tomorrow.

Love you.

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