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June-Tarot-Full-longspreadJune speaks to the promise that a clear and direct dialogue with the Gods (Universe, what have you) can bring.We have five amazing cards in the upper spheres of our divination this month. Chariot; Lovers; Tower; Hierophant. They form a cross of energies around the promise of life and living we have created for ourselves. For example, if you started out 6-months ago with a focus on increasing community outreach, or expanding business, or even improving relationships--for me this goal was 'fulfilled living'-- then the Vision or the glory of that vision, if one has been diligent, is either on the horizon, or in hand.

I've had two of the people I work with specifically on these goals truly manifest the amazing when they kept faith in their vision and walked across that chasm of fear; which by the way was part of the May 'influence.' Remember, trickster!


This theme of faith and fear appears to carry over and asking what we are so afraid of in 'failure,' and more, how we love and represent the highest ideals of that desire that lies beyond all fears of its failure or destruction.

“Listen to the mustn'ts, child. Listen to the don'ts. Listen to the shouldn'ts, the impossibles, the won'ts. Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me... Anything can happen, child. Anything can be.” 
― Shel Silverstein

This leads into an interesting interplay of spiritual energies in and around us, most immediate I am looking at a few themes here:

Anything that has broken down in into its final stages of decay, or even ended, have fulfilled their purpose and now we are looking at the new empowerment that comes from starting anew, again, or carrying on. If May taught us that sudden change can come, and usually from the direction we were not looking, the remedy is in the spirit of empowerment that the lesson brings. We cannot see all things, we cannot know every direction, but we can learn from the Trickster medicine of the worlds myths: Not to become too serious, find enjoyment in your life again, the God is there it teach us laughter; New perspectives open new information, insight and direction.


Uranian energies manifest explosively, dynamic, electric and tho unexpected they offer us stimulation into new paths. Watch how this stimulation carries over into this solar-month to see where love, spirituality (or ego) may still be dissolving veils, connections, or outmoded behaviors that manifest as self-sabotage or relationships that do not, at least at this time, empower your best.


I would recommend looking at tendencies when feeling 'empowered' that might feel to severe, and temper that severity with a little Green Man energy as 'service." This will balance misaligned personal-will, and better serves you when you are focused on the beauty of a victory. I'll interject the definition of victory  for our purposes is defined as celebratory, not "In your face."

There is a veil in that empowerment, and I'm going to drop in here with the obligatory "you do know that Mercury is going into retrograde [again] on the 7th of this month, right?' --Right the "Veil" that we encounter continually is the Shadow, or the "screen of the mind," which is coloring everything with our hopes and fears. In terms of The Veil, ahem similar dissolving of false beliefs to reveal the true nature of the harmony between your joy and calling and that of the Gods is possible.

“When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.” 
― Paulo CoelhoThe Alchemist


How we can bring this all together practically looks something like this: Make creative, desirable, connections with the people and places that best represent the 'Vision' of tomorrow; so that you are generating the vibration of that reality today. Love is in the air around whatever it is that is truly fulfilling to you. Do not let perceptions of 'here' and 'there' dilute your enthusiasm. Mind fantasies and fears, and take the reigns of your energies, magickal tools and skills; move into the practice of channeling your fears into creative outlets clearing the way for the big dream picture to connect with the body, become the vessel for things that can be done.

Find that thing that can be done, everyday, that is in alignment with your life, fulfilled living, and do it. This creates a path of flow, achievement, love, and destiny. Your strength is in the things that empower you, and point you towards the promises of tomorrow by bringing them into the actions of today.


In a nutshell my dear don't exert strength as severity or allow for feelings of defeat because of obstacles or failures. The vision you have of fulfilled living is wonderful, believing in it, remember... "Fear is faith, misplaced." The most direct route for us, our middle pillar path, appears as strength and humility in recognizing our own projections, taking what life has resonated around us and so empowered crossing that bridge over the chasm of fear.

This is a great month of alignment in spite of retrograde because planets, to quote Caroline Casey are "not boogidy-woogidy out to get you."



(Abstract/Spiritual) Discernment between Higher Self and Ego/Mind; Seek out your Gods / Universal connection and dialogue, this is the sustaining connection at this level; This is the level of renewal and can reset negative energies at a deep (or high!) level to create the nudge or shift you are looking for.

(Mental / Psychological) new insights; destruction / dissolving old structures we have created; Joyous practicality; experience the wealth of the experience; watch for severity generated by wanting things different from they way they are --severity is part of the structure of tyranny; Find the fruit in this moment, there is a beauty here; Image... hanging by the vine, seeing the strawberry, eating it; Do not let power go to your head.

(Emotional / Practical) Observe fears of cruelty or pain, observe when we are acting on these emotions and adjust, center heart, center body; You may know the way (spiritually) but may not see the way, The Moon as a symbol for your intuition, following the dream, the intuition who is receiving messages from the Higher Self; The way may not be clear, but it is clearly the way; Focus your energy into physical steps, could be helpful to couple this with affirmations or other mental/emotional exercises that build upon repetition to create a sense of trust through confidence that is born of familiarity; Maintain your sense of inner balance;Trust and recognize when movement or stillness is necessary.

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