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Expanded Daily: Trickster, look deeper.

Scott K

devil-main I began this month's Daily Wisdom with a mix of messages about the Trickster. He appeared several times in the spread and that's telling on many levels about the tagged nature of the calendar month when approaching the daily meditations. Understanding my place in the universe through understanding myself in relation to it is metaphysics, the Tarot--as I use in some consulting sessions--is a tool of self-reflection that allows me to expand on the details of that relationship; And though there are elements of psychicsm, intuition, and other aspects of my practice that come into meditation, and consulting/coaching, the mirroring or 'Sacred Reflection' of observing the mind, feelings, spirit, body are often equally important.

Another aspect of the overview of the month was 'focus.' What we perceive and what is occurring, are they different from they seem. The aspect of the Trickster that comes in here is in learning to see things from a different perspective, and adopt an open heart, and give up a good laugh. The wisdom is that when we end up on our heads in life we have new perspective, however permanent that is, and the balm for any sudden upset is good laughter. Laughing releases joy and oxygenate the body. And, yes, it feels good too.

There are 'levels,' and then there are "Levels."

The magick of the Trickster, in our case he appeared as The Devil (Tarot of the Spirit), The Dancer of Lies (Shaman's Oracle Deck), and another Clootie in the face of the Green Man, is in not knowing when you are being fed the pudding or the mud. He or she comes to say, "Your levels of seriousness, anxiety, and in general over-anal-ness is much too much for us. As representatives of the natural world we are here to give your life with a little flatulence. Listen closely, that is the sound of relief. Please laugh kind lady, dear sir, because you need it, it's good. Maybe you can see a different way in this now? They way you are going [at it] is going to give you a fit."

Shortly you think you know where the trick is going to come from and it slips in behind you, we rarely see it coming because we are so focused in one direction we blind our self to all others! It's the level beneath, or within; The unseen realness to what we are experiencing.

I found myself in such a fit, arguing over the poor conditions of someone life and, ooh no--but yes-- blaming them for my uncomfortability. Coming up out of the subconscious I hear,

I'm Starting With The Man In The Mirror I'm Asking Him To Change His Ways...

-- Michael Jackson

The more I reflected on the person and the conversation, I realized that I have become a little blind to anything else when it comes to this situation. It's self-limiting. It's limiting when I no longer see anything but the 'absolute' of any given thing. I know. I did it, and I didn't even realize it.

This was my trickster moment because there are levels, and there are 'Levels,' to this kind of observation.


Through the month of May I received many calls, texts, and messages about fear of failure, of the uncertain, and a good handful of readings that went to the very heart of the Trickster in the Wisdom Daily's: What is your focus? Do you need refocusing? Perspective shifts, personal crisis and faith, and of course trust. A part of this shift, through the eye of the full Moon / Wesak was in transforming a clunky vision, exchanging it for something that we truly deserve, truth and fulfillment.

You see my dear, the Trickster is only out for your best intentions but he sees you've gotten yourself too attached to a limiting chain of belief. He's there to rattle the chain, give it a tug and get you to shake it off.

Hopefully that shake is caused by the rumble in your belly, by your laughter. We will make mistakes. We will say something we might have said better. We might have a breakdown, or break up, or break-whatever but the important thing is not to go to pieces over it; And even then, if you do 'go to pieces' then breathe into that and let go of the judgement over whatever it is.

I hope you are enjoying the Wisdom Daily. I genuinely appreciate your support, comments, likes, emails and all that you do.

Until next time,

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