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Green Man Workshop: Cancelled but...

Scott K

"Gundestrup - Cernunnos" Small note to let you know that the Green Man workshop has been officially cancelled at The Crystal Matrix. I've heard several "oh, no's!" with sad eyes and a few "sweeties," but, honestly, I'm so pleased with the material. I'm not the least bit turned away from the affair. The last month of intensive weekly writing, often daily editing, I feel like I've opened up, expanded and detailed all sorts of fun things that deserve greater detail and attention, far more than could be summed up in a one day intensive.

I've talked to the owner of the Crystal Matrix and we'll be meeting next week to discuss spinning the material into 8 (or more) weeks of fun, meditation, and ritual throughout the year. I think I'm going to move the Green Man Wheel into a men's group, and I'll be back to you with new things, events, and more.

I have to say that had you gone to workshop you would have had a very magickal experience. My syllabus covers:

  1. Who and what is the Green Man
  2. God of the Forest, throughout the year
  3. Various faces of the green man, the 8-Fold god as covered by Christopher Penczak via the Temple of Witchcraft. (Many thanks to Christopher for sharing notes and such). 
  4. Why an environmental consciousness is so necessary personally, and globally
  5. Discussion on the four elements: Fire, Air, Water, Earth
    • Our relationship, conscious or unconscious, with these natural archetypes
    • Guided visualizations
    • empowerment, and practices
    • Principles and responsibilities, and methods of working -- cooperation with the elements.
  6. Deeper exploration of the Green Man and the Wheel of the Year, non-traditional, Quarters and Cross-Quarters
  7. "Shamanic" practices, neo-shamanism, exploring gates to expanded consciousness, 'crossing' the veil
  8. Red, White, Black: The Goddess as Maiden, Mother, and Crone
  9. A formal ritual bringing all that we have learned together
  10. A blessing for the environment (separate field trip)

It's a lot to cover in one day but as I worked the material over an 8-hour span of experience I began to understand how much was hidden beneath it all, and how much more could come from a year round, experiential working of the divine in nature, and our connection to the earth, our mother.

Stay tuned. There is more in the works.

I will keep you posted.

Thank you for following along.

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