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May Wisdom Dailies: Themes of Vision and Lies

Scott K

I feel as if I busted butt to get a lot of things accomplished last month and what came of it was a lot of hurry up and wait. Busy doesn't begin to describe the first half of April and as I moved through the month into May I watched all the professional activity sort of dwindle to a minimum and the light, at least for me, was on social engagement and connecting with family and friends, heavy doses on buckling down for preparatory work for future classes and events.  I must have grumbled about "not having enough time" to do certain things and played myself helping hand on that thought because, time, space, and intention to get'er done manifested. The Trickster became a happy element in my life these last few weeks as I speak, and then it all goes that direction. I did a double take a few times when intentional energy work, such as to end habits or allow for more creative time, seamlessly-manifested... because, get this, the blend between the deeper self that is awareness and the conscious self that is expressing, went flawlessly; It's unfortunate I didn't learn about the depth of that clear channel between high and low, but in retrospect it was a profoundly powerful month in which I thought and events transpired. Ostara, Easter, Passover, a Grand Cross which everyone freaked out about as frantically as an ant hill that's been kicked; Oh yes and don't forget the Tax deadline and if you were in SoCal, Coachella, which happened to be right smack dab in the middle of it. 

But was any of this important?< I'm asking a lot of "what ifs" this month. Trickster is in the house THREE times as Diablo, Dancer of Lies, and Green Man. The Theme I pulled for the Journeyer this May is, "Dancer of Lies," a trickster card. It's a five month and so we set aside the Hierophant, and in the case of the Wildwood tarot, "The Ancestor." I drew some influences on each of these cards for clarity's sake and added to the spread these thematic accents.


May Wisdom Daily's


Abstract: Elements to consider, there is a triple-trickster aspect to the month operating from a quarter in which we may not see. This is rising out of the lower world frequencies of ancestors and the unseen. This can appear as a metaphoric "fence" that cannot be crossed (Chariot) or an obstacle that cannot be resolved; This can also manifest as sudden switches, set backs, and changes that occur, i.e. the Trickster coming at you from a different direction. 

Why? The Focus, capitalized for emphasis on have a fixed [focus] on a particular course of action, idea, or message can be a chain that binds you to a fixed vision with limited results. The current direction may not lead you to your goal; The current focus may be missing the mark on fulfilling what you have dreamed up and wish to earth. You may need to head at life-stuff from new directions, with a little less levity, and by all means, find the fun again. We are talking about Trickster here… 

How do I approach this tricky-trick? Clear vision. Drawing the Hierophant and the Seer (Wildwood) we have another double emphasis on accessing our intuition, and communicating with our Higher Self, Gods, "Universe." Also can be seen as taking big picture perspective, allowing for the pan out of inner vision so that current detail/problems do not fill our vision, blinding us to other solutions, opportunities and pathways. 

Practical skills at work may be misplaced on the wrong project, or because of the Trickster/Seer elements our view of the project may be "off the mark." Playing with the words and meaning here. The upper world elements insist on dreams and work, or the fulfillment that comes from actually working on your dream, versus placing energy somewhere else. Do not be fooled by fear, if you know you have a valid calling and have taken up the torch for that enterprise then please, do not let phantoms dissuade you. Reversing this we may also need to check the vanguard we have placed upon dreams and recognize if they are more fantasy than reality, in which case shelving them for future development while we focus on more practical pursuits may be the wisest choice. 

Not everything has to happen now, that now may come later. 

Ultimately, be less "surface" and more "deep" by getting visionary, creative. Go through fences that bar your way, or question the need to break through fences when refining tools or vision may be appropriate. 

May there always be something we do not see, creatively, to keep us on our feet. Green Man, center in the spread is reflecting Trickster and says, dance with it. 

Notes on cards:

Dancer of Lies + The Devil = Double Trickster zing! This is in the position of coming up through the sub-conscious; alternatively from a direction we are not looking. The "devil" which is really a form of the Horned God for our purposes is really about teaching non-attachment, pleasure of our physical experience but does not promise he will not use the tethers we create that bind us to desires, appetites, fears, emotions and beliefs as means to trick us out of cords that bind us from living the spiritual life. 

Hierophant / Ancestor + The Seer Look very deeply and clearly at what is being said/advertised/touted, and especially at the systems you put your faith into. Your intuition will best serve you when aligned with your Higher Will, be reflective and take action when and where you divine it is time. The Seer and Hierophant both seek the sacred vision, different means but similar results. 

Chariot / Archer + Queen of Stones Chariot draws a fine line and meditates between nurturing and creative destruction, often needing to mind the fence. This is why emphasis through the Archer on importance of: focus and vision. If we have pulled our awareness out of intuition or higher guidance (etc) and began to focus on what is distracting us, our capacity to organize our thoughts/energy/action around what we want will instead be misdirected into worry, doubt, or false direction. 

Shaman of Stars + "Still Waters" "I am the Shaman of Stars. I bring the Heavens down to earth. I drink in the beauty of the sky, swallow this elixir, and give it back as a transformative energy to all. I sing the song of the Heavens, and I show how start wisdom can transform and re-energize you when you have walked the path for a long time and grown tired. I bring a blessing to you, and restoration of strength when it is most needed."

Queen of stones emphasizing practical skill applied at the bigger picture and the dreams we have of the future; Alternatively, being practical about the current state of affairs (micro/macro) and applying our skill to immediate purposes. Pamela Eakins wrote, "Hod, harnessing the power of earth through formal magical practice. Either way emphasizing a approach that is more visceral; or some form of ritualizing, aka mythic circles around our dreams enacted out to ground (make "real") what we needs accomplish now for future fulfillment. 

Overall I expect this month to include some interesting draws, unexpected twists, and deeper meaning to what I am creating. It is a five month, the number of changing things up as we shift from the material to the ethereal.

I hope you are having a Happy Beltane. Thank you for tuning in. 


Speaking of Beltane, The Green Man Class is coming up on May 10th, and the deadline for sign up's is May 5th. We have a minimum and maximum so please be sure to call the Matrix to RSVP and pay for class prior to the event. 

Syllabus is updated and posted to the Facebook page, events: Green Man Workshop

Syllabus for the Green Man:

  • Introducing the Green, or Wild Man. Various aspects of the God in nature via the 8-fold faces of the Green man throughout the year.
  • Pan, Jack Frost, Jupiter, Jack of the Green or "Green Man," Dionysus, Jack Corn, Cernnunos, Jack Lantern.
  • Elemental Journey, Fire: Aligning with power, Will, and Divine Will, meditation and inner light journey.
  • Elemental Journey, Air: Truth and lies, speaking our truth and second journey.
  • Elemental Journey, Water: Shared Spaces, aligning with the the Spirits, Ancestors, cooperative power.
  • Elemental Journey, Earth: Our place in the world, greeting the spirit of nature.
  • The Green Man: Meeting the green man a shamanic experience, letting go of form and entering the Divine in Nature.
  • The Divine Feminine: The Goddess as form, reality, matter, Mother.
  • Sharing and Gratitude circle, closing and planning for a separate day field trip to give gifts to nature.

Be Well,

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