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April 7 - Daily Wisdom (Expanded)

Scott K

Wisdom Daily - April 7, 2014.

Hmm. Facebook page. Yes I was writing about cultural and local spirits, gods, and divinities last night: Less importation, more investigation into the sacred space that is around you. This is an evolution of events over the last several months which spiraled into an amazing little threshold this weekend. I. Feel. Alive.

Where to begin…

April 5 Wisdom Daily: "You're universe may be turned upside down but take a gander at the view from this perspective... or hang their and cry about it. Really, it's your choice."

Saturday I had an amazing day of working with clients, really getting to connect with a lot of folks, my first and last appointments… wow. Both, amazing reads. But it was the last appointment that I start the thread today because this essentially wrapped up the April 5 wisdom, for me. The perspective that needed correcting was my own. I found myself going into a situation with an expectation and walking out of it enlightened myself; Not only enlightened but through a portal of sorts. I feel that this part of Los Angeles has welcomed me into the center of this land and it was through, not surprisingly, the Virgin de Guadalupe. You may not know this but she has a special place in our family, and I have taken photos, collecting statues, and finding bits here and there that spurred last nights topic for today. Not only did I open up a door to new things, and thus change of perspective, but it centered around what I have seen to be one of the key, local, deities.

April 6 Wisdom Daily: "When we let go of the control we find the beauty way." Then, "Key to emperor is service, not control. Key to the Universe is surrender and expansion."

Sunday, Reiki clinic rocked. Post sessions, post client, conversations revolving around control. My-ME-Mine and the lack that creates. I don't think I got how detrimental that thought-process is until I had that minute shift in my view.

Two things, I think, occurred. I got earthed in the local soil and shifting my opinion about what I should do, to a more informed decision about the next stage of my life in Los Angeles. I let go; I allowed for clear sight; I embraced new perspective; I did not listen to self-doubt and I grabbed hold of the reigns of something that earthed me in my city.

And so we come to today's circle of cards… The Guardian. The Wheel. Queen of Vessels.

The skull and bones of old beasts of ferocity stand at the darkened doorway of the great change, only fear keeps you from passing through. Remembering that "Life is a process of letting go" I step outside of the comforts of known and into the realm of the Gods, the unknown; The boundary I create is either static or expanding. This transformation is noted on the wheel of my life, the difference is tangible… these changes can be subtle but we KNOW them because, suddenly, the difference is "night and day." I will follow my instinct, this intuition that leads me up stream while water pours down the rocks because, in the deepest emotional part of my being that is responding to the world, I am sensing my direction; This will take me to where the spawning (the source) is. Salmon, on her way home.

Will. Dare. Know.

Scott K Smith

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