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Wisdom Daily - April, 2014

Scott K


I started the day intending to play  an April Fool's joke with you, then as I shuffled the cards I realized I hadn't yet spelled out April influences. These perceptions, or the course, presented as I receive them and casting aside all fear, I will give them to you unadulterated.

The spread for the month unfolded in a pattern of three: Upper World or heavenly influences (higher consciousness and light); Lower or Earth world energies that speak to us through the world of form, sensation, pain and pleasure, karma, ancestors (and the like that are not part of our consciousness experience); and Middle world blending where we, if we are in alignment with this bridging, are bringing it all together.

The inspiration here is: Stilling ourself to see the reflection in the water (mind/perception) that the intuition is communicating in the form of impressions and sensations. There are three reflective surfaces in alignment, in all worlds, right up the middle of this reading. 

In brief

Navigating the month of April seems to look the best when we are aware of three levels of perception in our life. Spirit card, or guiding force is "Spirit of Destruction," and the Journey card for the journeyman is "Ancestor of Illusion."

  1. Observe the natural world around you. How is nature responding. Look within the experience and note the activity, or inactivity of the weather, plants, animals. There is a meaning in all things that we find because we give it meaning, but there is also direct revelation available by watching and learning what's going on around you. In this intersection there is something that is said to each of us.
  2. Revisit traditions, systems, or heritage craft (Magick, spirituality, family path) that offer you the means to retreat (Hermit) and access your inner light. This is where we take the observable nature of the  world, and our impressions, and do a little alchemy, refining the message without reducing it, into a higher path that allows for a shared experience and an open heart. Do not be afraid to consider and then act upon the wisdom that may dictate one direction while you know you must go another, use the power of destruction to cut the thoughts, feelings, or behaviors that are self-limiting or destructive (to self, to environment); alternatively what the message is in destruction, or peril of species that we share this space called home with.
  3. Be in your center and by that I mean all the way into the skin, down to the toes. If we fold the above back into the middle world, this world, experience we are activated to seek, to know, to find, and to respond in the way that balance the path we walk, the world we live in, through the light of our higher guidance. Above and Below, yes, but who is in-between? We are.
  4. Respond to any direct revelation of information (inner or outer) by way of clearing out what does not serve you in fulfilled living; and remember that fulfilled living is not "having what you want." When I say this, again, I am looking  at the greater spirit of what I am looking to create: A loving life cultivating a full experience of health, prosperity, security, adventure, wonder and connection. This is abundance.

I'll get into the details in the Wisdom Daily's as we move through the month.

"The Nitty-Gritty" Details in Full

In the Lower World stands The Seer gazing unfocused into the waters of the Sacred Bowl. That bowl is reflecting the light of the Higher Consciousness AND the messages from the Subconscious, the sensations/vibrations of this ancient place she stands because the two worlds are connected; Within us all worlds, we are the Walker's between worlds.

In the Middle world space, where our central card is placed we see the Ancestor of Illusion, a horned creature drinking from that water, ripples spreading out, eyes alert.

Above the Ancestor we see the One of Water, the "Open Channel." A spiritual form of the bowl and the water representing our ability to receive the higher consciousness and channel that through to center to bring meaning to our experience.

There is a clear message to pay special attention to our intuition and the natural world because they are reflecting an urgent message about our shared experiences and the way we can best navigate together during this month.

Dear creative ones I want you to consider this as navigation points to look for as you move through April...

The world is howling, it's a soul-calling to respond. Mother is calling out a long and powerful song. This is echoing in the Soul but can only be understood when we look past the untruths we have told ourself about the responsibility we carry for our actions as a species. Conscious or unconscious (and I do mean unconscious) results of completely self-absorbed behavior that have contributed to a world asserting to balance itself once again.

That's the Macro. Above so blow.

The Micro in this experience is that these tilts and shifts affect how we navigate our life. Imagine your "Path." That would be your walk through a day, through a lifetime. If things are in balance we might think of an easy road, sometimes it gets steep, sometimes dark, sometimes a little wet but it's nature, variations happen. Nature of the beast. As things tilt out of alignment that path might suddenly experience changes in the flow that we have no ability to control personally, these are the resulting karmic patterns rippling back to us; The effect of the cause of our actions, or the actions of others. The navigation point here is the consideration that on some level you are experiencing the howl of the earth and her creatures.

And what is Karma? Karma is the result of our actions, thoughts, words, and deeds. It is not retribution or punishment, it is the law of cause and effect. You throw a plastic lighter away, it is added to a pile of dead sea in the gulf; A pelican feeds it to their young; The Young Bird dies; Less Pelican's, more garbage, less life. That's YOUR karma.

This is our nature, this is ourself, and so it is our howl as well. Time to own the scream, what it is saying to us and how we respond to the primal.

Observe the natural world, preferably outside (weather, health, etc permitting) watch the activity of birds, the sky, clouds, trees, dirt, dogs, bugs. What is their level of activity? What does it say to you personally? Can you clear yourself in this space and feel the ripple of the natural world? Clear out what is in the way of that envisioning.

There is a road walked here that is both leading towards a birth and we must return to our senses. Time to end the exile from the natural.

The Upper world influences are seeding light into these shifts and motion with the following advice, that nature is in service to the purpose of the experience and the clearing and preparation that we are asked to do is part of the opening process where we are prepared to see, feel, act in ways which are highly complex spiritually and/or in ways that might ask us to act moment-to-moment with a quick step and a lightness of being. The channel, our conscious connection to God must be clear.

There is a strength in this clarity and reception that comes in the form of a tradition or lineage that you participate in. That may be church, that may spiritual heritage, or drumming circle but I highlight this "tradition" as something that provides you with the forum to understand the meaning of things in your life. The human part of you needs this too, it is the stimulant and balm to your higher mind, connecting you with your source / higher self. Get in it, get still (again the stillness in the form of the Hermit) and find strength in whatever faith, tradition, or practice that opens you up to your light.

Finally in the middle world the last reflection "illusion." Awareness of what the ripple in the water means; Who caused it; And how to respond. Clear out anything that clouds that perception, bring in anything that promotes the flowering of this wisdom.

Above influences

  • Companion: Spirit of Destruction
  • Light / Consciousness: Ancestor of Protection
  • Light Seeds: Spirit of Empowerment & Shaman of Tradition
  • Shaman indicating a period of initiation but within the context of an institution or the evocation of Spirit that the system creates; spirits indicating the essences or ephemeral influences, "the Spirit of" and Ancestors representing genetic, or familial teachings, what we must preserve and protect.
  • The Hermit, Goose, Hawk, Aphophyllite. Sending Open Channel, Strength; Depth, something deeper occurring.
Center "Bridge" Card: Ancestor of Illusions; Apophyllite; Hawk; Purity.

Below influences

  • Journeyer: Spirit of Family and taking this as "all my relations."
  • Pot or structures: Shaman of Birth mirroring Shaman of Tradition; Ancestor of Exile Mirroring Spirit of Empowerment
  • Dancer of Lies Mirrors Ancestor of Protection
  • Wolf howls up from the mother three aspects of self, Wren, Wolf, Seer, message in Seven of Bows for clearance


A little about the Wisdom Dailies

I do not think that the message is for everyone. I do not believe that there is one, and only one, "universal message" that fits into some shape, a cookie for everyone. These dailies are about resonance; They are for those who are seeking them, specifically seeking "fulfilled living." This year we're focusing on fullness of life. Yes, of course there is the comfort that abundance [in the form of] money, work, food and home provide us, this isn't all "woo-woo peace love and free hugs." That takes a consensus, an agreement on some moral principles about humanity, respect of diversity of life, acknowledgment that all life is a valid part of living; thoughtfulness in being; and or course a heart-centered.

If anything could be called a bit for everyone in the Wisdom Daily, this respect would be it.

I spent a few good years focused on the money, for very practical reasons but I wanted to expand on the spirit of Abundance this year by expanding on the quality of living abundantly.

The theme of the year became "Fulfilled Living." Enhancing that message of fulfillment and abundance in the broader sense of the word, I also consider the lunar and solar influences of our life and take these in the form of the Chariot (numerology/Tarot) for the Solar or outer aspect of energy; and The Horse as the Lunar or inner journey influences personally and collectively.

You can follow the Wisdom Daily - Year of the Chariot on Facebook (best), Google+ (good), Twitter or Instagram (good).

Thank you for joining in on the journey.

Scott K Smith
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