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Testimonials & Updates


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Testimonials & Updates

Scott K


I want to thank everyone who took the time to write testimonials for me about my work. I have since made a testimonials page. There are a few things to check up on the site:

  • Updated information on Body & Energy Services [LINK]
  • Updated information on Consulting and Online Readings [LINK]
  • Calendar page + Map for location [LINK]
  • Testimonials page [LINK]

I have artwork floating around in the world that should be published, or have a publishing update soon. I will point you to the publication, which is going to be awesome, when I receive details; if/when happens.

Lastly I wanted to update you on the Green Man class at The Crystal Matrix.

Green Man Saturday May 10, 2014 10:30 am - 6:30 pm

MIU: Neo-Shamanic Studies Track.

The purpose of this Green Man course is the focus on the four elements through elemental journey’s and empowerments to come into internal harmony [with the elements] in preparation to meet the Green Man. Inspired to create four empowerments to bring us into harmony through our nature, to our responsibility to the natural cycle, by creating connections to the elemental energies. These connections set up a harmony that opens the way for our perception and connection to the Great Green Man, or Jack Green.

We will establish this connection, ritualize the process in a neo-pagan, earth based spiritual practice.

Finally through circle we will journey with the Jack within us to the Great Goddess herself, Ma, Mother, Matter, and ask a loving return to her realm of myth, magick, and respectful cohabitation.

  • Fire: Awaken the natural energy within / inner knowledge
  • Air: Inspiring shared space through the power of the wind, breathing with the world.
  • Water: Connecting to the unseen element of our life, feeling, sense, the ripples of our thoughts, words, and deeds.
  • Earth: Walking softly on the earth. Gentleness in doing. Reverence for the natural world and all thing on it.

I think that about covers all my updates.

Again I am not at The Crystal Matrix tomorrow, Sunday, as I will be in class.

Much Love,

Scott K Smith