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When a Plan(et) Goes Retrograde I Need My Astrologers


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When a Plan(et) Goes Retrograde I Need My Astrologers

Scott K

RetrogradeorbitThe other day I made note about astrology, or my lack of an astrological education beyond the planets, houses, and signs. There is a math element in the study that crosses my eyes, regardless of the seemingly tedious algebraic aspect of charting the stars; And knowing that the sky story plays an important element in the Tarot, magick, and other aspects of my work, I do my best to find good resources. However, it seems my astrological resources have dried up for the moment. In the last week I've had two conversations about Mars and Saturn Retrograde. Mars for me is an insight into aggression and passion, and I'm exploring the potential there in the Daily Wisdom Tarot and Oracle card spreads. The Saturn Retrograde had me thinking all morning, especially after a long conversation with sister-friend Astrid, who, by the end of the conversation she was chanting "Saturn is my friend," at the Great Restrictor. (It's an inside joke between the two of us that has lasted over 20 years).

Angst. You --and by 'you' I mean writers, educators, and speakers of the Great Mysteries-- You realize that your readers hold you accountable right? You understand that you put yourself out in the public virtually, physically, or both and hang a shingle that says, "Yep I know my stuff." Do you also understand that means we, your adoring fans, are waiting for adroit fingers to drop bombshells of revelation about things like retrograde... right?

I am digressing, this can quickly turn into a rant about the flakiness of "entrepreneurs" of the Craft, who can't seem to make a date, time, or commitment without blaming the cat (or whatever) for every set back. I was pointing my nose at the Saturn Retrograde. I am intending to find some new astrological sources, please if you have them leave a link in the comments section, and I wanted to share with you a few thins about said retrograde.

To be clear. I'd love some links to your favorite, reliable, astrology blogs or columns. Again I'm not expert in the field, I need good resources.

Saturn Retrograde

The bits about this particular planetary motion that has stood out the most for me are:

Beham, (Hans) Sebald (1500-1550): Saturn, from...

"During the period when Saturn is transiting retrograde, it is essential that we go back and asses and solidify commitments made, projects started and responsibilities undertaken in the past. This must be done before we can continue. Saturn transiting retrograde provides the opportunity to reassess what we have taken on, to finally say NO, to back out of a commitment and to improve the organization of a project. While the process is going on, while you are working with what you have at hand, you should be warned against taking on any unnecessary responsibilities or long-range commitments. Only deal with issues from the past; do not take on new ones!

Saturn turning retrograde gives us the opportunity to go back and reorganize or renegotiate any activities or commitments that seem to be a source of frustration. If you merely persist under Saturn frustrations, the frustrations will merely persist! Weed out the source of frustration at this time. Remember, my definition for being responsible is in knowing how much you can do before you start to feel frustrated, trapped or confined – and drawing the line and saying NO before you reach that point! It is essential that you do not start any new business activity while Saturn is retrograde!! You will only find that a lot of reorganizing has to be done before any successes can be made."

Lynn Koiner, Astrological Reasearch

The book, A Spiritual Approach to Astrology, Myrna Lofthus (1983), reads:

"Saturn Retrograde causes inner doubts regarding one's sense of worth and the ability to overcome problems. There will be difficulty in expressing themselves to large groups until they have reevaluated what type of social standing they want in society."

What is your take on Saturn, Retrograde, and the planets in general? Who and where is your favorite astrological resource?

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