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March Wisdom Dailies - Theme of "Conflict."

Scott K

You know I am not an Astrologer, I cannot even call myself an amateur in that field. Beyond the understanding of planets and the popular movements of astrological events, I'm lost. I also occasionally get dates wrong. I have told myself (Mercury Retrograde) that Mars was in Retrograde the last week. It is not in fact, Retrograde. Wait. Mars is retrograde, as of today. I must have intuitively prepared myself. Anticipation. Also noted, I should just quit on the Astrology bit and leave that to the savvy.

Each month for the past year I have hosted some form of divination through the Tarot, Oracles, stones and other accessories. After some meditation I put together my take of the day's journey. The bigger picture, to pull back a minute, is a focus around the achievements we wish to manifest in the year. This year, out of 2013, my self-realization about abundance could be summed up in a small statement, "The real goal is fulfilled living."

I fold that into this months influence, "Conflict."From the 1st of March I write, "Although there is a path through any conflict, I question the path that is in constant conflict. Laws of resonance and attraction would speak to our inner world and the light we are casting on "Reality" around us. The conflict is within; Or the need for conflict needs to be addressed. This can be familial, historic, cultural, or new but the lesson of February, ILLUSION, say to clear our Vision by adjusting the projected experience." An exploration of these energies under the aspect of conflict offers an interesting path of sharp edges looking for unity, form, and an intensity.


Anger is a state of acute separation. Conflict can become an opportunity of reconnection or total annihilation.

As sister friend Astrid pointed out, "Taking the path of least resistance is not always the path that is directed by the flow. A question that pops: will the momentum of the conflict move one further forward, or does it cause one to be stymied - stopped on the path or perhaps hurled backwards?" Wise words sister and a great observation.

I think for me "resistance" and "conflict" have different flavors in the way that there is a kind of resistance that is against something external that isn't right for our personal growth, and inner-resistance to a message or value that we are not seeing in a situation. There are times where we resist for a cause, to protect, defend and make sure our life resonates with what brings us fulfillment, health, and happiness. In some countries this is more than just a choice, it is a reason for survival, standing against oppression. Conflict in the way of harboring conflicting emotions or expecting "conflict" is different that finding yourself in conflict, but in both there is a path of awareness.

In all things are a path of awareness. If we seek it, there is in all things, diversity of insight and various means of achieving what brings us fulfillment. Do not let anger lead you, let it guide you your truth.

This month I place these things to cultivate on the altar:


  1. Practices of peace this month are in order.
  2. Watch for inner resistance to the truth, but not resisting the thing that would take you out of your groove.
  3. Watch for inner conflict, this can become a projector and design reflections to work out a personal issue that could better be resolved introspectively, with a friend, therapist or healing session.
  4. Create a lightness of being when and as you can. Carry feathers. Raven and Hawk (pictured) were of particular interest as these two birds have regular disputes around our neighborhood. They are in constant conflict over territory and the predatory nature of the hunter, and the scavenger. This I think also highlights a few points of interest, when to be Hawk and suss out the right of a situation, diving and catching it up in our claws; When to be Raven and rely on group dynamics, rendering inner conflict mute to the caw of the larger flock that is calling you into the magick of inner work within the bounds of relationship to the rest of the flock.
  5. Be soft, shift colors. Less severity.
  6. Take anger and ask how it can become passion again. Recognize where anger leads to a self-destruct, and where it can be harnessed as needed fuel to take you into a higher energetic space.
March 2014 Focus: Conscious shifts to lift conflict up to vibrate "connection."
"Conflict highlights the wish to connect deeper. In depth there is passion. Surface tension is a ruse, truth is in intimacy. What prevents connection; What obstructs passion? These may need a channeling of that energy within conflict to define new boundaries, set higher goals, or loudly proclaim the ending of one kind of relationship leaving space for a more affirming connection."
I'm looking forward to the days that come.
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