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Service Updates


Healer. Artist. Intuitive.

Service Updates

Scott K

FYI I am merging websites. My original lightbulb has faded and I'd much prefer all bits in one place. Soon will point to The Sacred Other, as an aspect of what I do. Pages, etc will be updated. Meanwhile, here's what I'm offering at the Crystal Matrix.  IMG_1570

Now, Saturday & Sunday at The Crystal Matrix!

Intuitive Consulting

Consulting sessions involved Q&A, Sacred Reflection, Guide Work and sometimes the use of Tarot and Oracle cards to delve into the Life Path of the seeker.

  • 1 Hour - $80.00
  • 30 Min - $50.00
  • 15 Min- $25.00 (One Question & Answer Session)

Reiki (appointments encouraged)

Following the tradition of the healing energy system, Scott holds space to allow for the healing flow of Life Force Energy to enter the body of those he treats. Reiki offers an opportunity for deep relaxation, increasing the healing energy in the body, psychic and spiritual adjustment, and more.

  • 1 Hour - $80.00
  • 1 Hour - $60.00 Chakra and Aura Treatment
  • 30 Min- $40.00 Energy Consultation (no treatment)

Light Spaces (appointments encouraged)

Graduate of the Awaken Your Light Body Program, and advanced energy education through the Radiance Self Exciting and Frequencies programs by, Scott offers an opportunity to experience expanded light body space through frequencies of Vision, Harmony, Clarity, Brilliance, Clarity and more. Light Spaces can take you deep within and opens you to the Higher Realms of Light.

  • 1 Hour - $100.00

Scott K Smith has over 20 years experience in energy and Reiki fields of healing, Tarot, and Intuitive Consulting. He’s offered light and services locally and globally, for more information visit: TemplWell Services Body. Energy. Spirit. Art. Divination. Inspiration. Mobile: (213) 884-3619 /


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