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Saying Goodbye to Healing Arts, Burbank + Updates

Scott K

Greetings all! Just a short note to let you know that I will no longer be with Healing Arts, the Hydrocolonic Therapeutic center in Burbank, California. I enjoyed a long standing with them on the web but as things work out, or do not, we decided to turn the page and close that chapter of

Healing Arts is a wonderful space and they currently feature an Acupuncturist and a Crystal Healer, who apparently has been doing very well at this location, and I continue to hold them in highest regard. I am happy to have had the opportunity.

New things are forever on the horizon but some are here sooner rather than later...

I continue to work well, and busily with my new family and friends at The Crystal Matrix Center and University in Atwater Village. There is some discussion on the table there for an additional day during the week, or every few weeks to be with these awesome folks and serve you through Reiki, Light Work, Consulting and Tarot services. I also continue to build my practice and expand my services at home, in Glassell Park, and around Los Angeles.

I'm looking forward to a few other things including a trip up north to the Bay Area to visit family and connect with some of the healers, light workers, therapists and friends there. Details, if any, are in the works and of course you will be in the know as they progress.

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