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Wisdom Dailies - January: Year of The Chariot

Scott K

Jan 07 - YotChariot
A bit of a late start in January. 365 days of morning Tarot commitment was wonderful but I needed a break to clear myself of the energy and emotion of 2013, the previous Winter Solstice invoked a vision of change, through sacrificing one life for another. My goal in 2013, demonstrated through the daily Tarot, was to demonstrate that transformation as I embraced a vision of where I wanted to be in my life, working for me, for Spirit, by my skills, gifts, and abilities as a healer, reader, and artist. 
I am happy to say, "success!" I mentioned this before in a post at There were details that I would have probably changed in my original vision, things I had not considered, but I am very happy with last years achievements. I started to work in partnership with the Crystal Matrix, I met many wonderful new people, and dazzled long time friends with new skills in healing and consulting. 
This year is the Year of the Chariot, briefly I will recap my post on that with a few words. This year, think about taking command -not control- of the energies in your life. Be the Director, the Orchestrator. Do not try to "control" or force events, seek ways in which you can use your tools subtly first. How can you apply your power with grace, with a gentle nudge, with a kind but firm guiding hand. The Year of the Chariot is symbolized in parts by the animals that lead the vehicle, these are our icons of the nature we posses within us. Our nature can be a terrible beast, wild and unruly, and that is something to look for as this is a message of things that need to be addressed immediately; but they [our beastly natures] can also be approached with dignity, grace, and gentleness. In short I look at taking the reins of destiny this year as we would riding a horse. We can mule and kick the animal, grasping for control, creating struggle, or we can begin to come from the higher perspective and work with the animal within us. 
Generally speaking this can apply to the world around us as well. I am not suggesting we tame the beast, but I am envisioning a more desirable earth walk for all who are reading this, through harmonizing the Wild and the Refined nature within us.
If we can coexist within ourself with kindness, honesty, and integrity imagine what we can create in the world we live in?

January begins with a call to Seek the Vision. 

Take in all your "recaps" of the year before. Assess your inner world. What's your emotional temperature? How are your feelings? What are you focused on mentally? Are you keeping a spiritual practice that is in alignment with your highest ideals and your day-to-day nature? How do you inhabit your body, your home, your personal space? Look at all of these things as they are the important details of how well we will manifest what we intend this year. 
What is it that we wish to bring to the community this year? I ask that you take that inspiration this month and play with it. Tease it out. Do not force it to be any bigger or smaller than as it appears to you but consider how you can playfully, magickally, move into that energetic space to fully live that hologram of intention. 
As you read the Wisdom Dailies through January and the rest of the year consider this message. Be in a state of play and wonder, responsibly, and know that you are setting up the foundation of energies for the rest of your 2014 earth walk.

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In  love,
Scott K Smith
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