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A Thank You, and The Chariot - 2014


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A Thank You, and The Chariot - 2014

Scott K

Chariot - 2014 - Change

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Sitting here at home and feeling like I need to give a thank you, to you, for all your support this year. 2013 was a formative year. My friend Patricia at the Crystal Matrix wrote in her last newsletter this year:


So many of you have wanted 2013 to come to an end. Why? Because it constantly reminded you to take care of yourself and to pay attention to what needed to be finalized. It asked you to take responsibility for what you thought, and for what you did. If your habit was to take responsibility for others, you will now be asked to step out of their way. Others cannot grow when you are obstructing the path to their lessons. So your lesson this coming year is to stop hindering the growth of others and step into your own power. When you are focused on the others in your life, you are distracted from your own development. As we have said before, you are the most important person in the world and you need to practice being the most important person in your life. You have gifts to the world that you are not sharing and 2014 will demand that you focus on all your talents and ideas to bring them to fruition.



This will not be a quiet year ahead. ALL the ideas you have been holding back on, or putting on the shelf until the opportunity arises, will be flowing through the unconscious to your consciousness and illuminate these ideas into the light. That book you've casually mentioned needs to be written, no excuses. That business you've dreamed of opening will be available for you. The move you've thought about making will become possible, and the job change will present itself. All these new possibilities are yours for the taking, but only if you focus on yourself, your gifts and your ideas, and let everyone in your life do the same.



Read the full letter here, Spirit Speaks: [LINK]


Responsibility, stepping into power, and allowing for those changes to take hold were powerful lessons that we gave ourselves. 2014, The Year of the Chariot does not guarantee relief from challenges, but if this years insights hold any worth, stepping forward into this next year I feel we should have a better grasp of what is, what needs to be done, and what tools within us we have, that allow us to step forward with stronger intent and better focus on personal goals. 


Chariot - 2014 - Change
"Lord of the Triumph of Light. Cheth. Fence. Four pillars reach into the sky of Binah, the ten stars of Assiah. Energy of Geburah. The Holy Grail. Love and Power. Equilibrium. Triumph. Victory. Perseverance. A possible voyage. Success, possibly temporary."
- Hermetic Tarot
Happy New Moon. Happy New Year. Welcome a time of advancement, the Year of the Chariot. The Chariot is the card of the new year, 2014. 2+0+1+4 = 7: Chariot.

[Excerpt from the December Daily Tarot, Year of the Lovers]

Pamela Eakins writes that the Chariot is the vehicle for the force of spirit. We are the creative force, our forms are many and parade as identity, labels, bodies, and life experiences. The opportunity with the Chariot is to harmonize the spirit with the vehicle, Mercury in action through the nurturing power of Cancer, to shift the experience we are having creating or affirming our choice of vessels in the process.Chariot is taking charge of change. No longer can we sit and whine into the wind about things that are happening. "Vents" are wasted Chi, breath that can be compressed, transformed, and expelled as power for our purpose.I see big personal changes for 2014, shifts in identity, in the life we have known, the power of the Charioteer within each of us is readying for release. It is a 7 year so there is a power of unveiling our light, or riding off into nonsense. It's going to be a wild ride Mr. Toad but your hands are on the reigns.

I want to come around to this post and welcome a discussion. It's new moon. Time for planting and seeding. That Chariot represents taking the reins of power in our life, using motivation, pacing ourselves, and adding speed to our path. Numerically it is 7, but I also feel that this is a resonate number with the Tower, key 16: 1 + 6 = 7. That means that if we key in correctly to our inner motivations, our plans for the future, and set ourselves up for change, we can expect some of the powers of Uranus to strike. Big shifts come with the Chariot and the Tower. Chariot deeds these changes to personal choices, through direct action, and the Tower indicates movement in the world around us. 
Think of these two powers as wheels within wheels. The chariot is our personal wheel, spinning at the pace we set, and the Tower is the Universal response of "As above so below. As within, so about." Keeping personal center on the chariot the big shifts, unexpected changes, makes room for us to guide our vehicle (personal awareness) through transformation (worldly response).
Essentially the outer will appear to be more responsive to the inner, the gait of our personal changes has the potential to leap into racing speeds of tangible transformation. I'm planning a full 12 month spread in the next week to detail some of the synergy we can expect to make use in the next twelve months, but for now take this one to heart. The world will be responding to your need.
Until then.
I'm also writing to give a personal thank you to all the people who have helped me along my walk this year. It's been a tough year for us financially and emotionally. Without you I would not have made it up to see my mother when she had her stroke. I would not have been able to keep up and running. Because of you I had clients for consultation, body work, art, energy work, and readings. I can and do believe in many things but I'll  sum up a few of the important messages that I learned about myself, about life, because of your intercession.
There is always more to learn, make room for growth. And growth isn't easy, it is often a fractured process of breaking and expanding.
I can get by with a little help from my friends. I don't [only] mean financially, although donations and appointments were key in putting food on the table and paying bills, but to say that without the hugs, the patience, the loving listening, and laughs I would have had a harder time keeping my center.
I learned that "I do not follow my passion but I bring my passion along with me." Expecting to just do what I love and all else falling into place was a bit of a hurdle that I feel I accepted on the go. Choosing to say "yes" to opportunities based on the response of my intention, and energy work, reserving judgement allowed for me to create greatness out of what could have been judged poor situations. We carry to much judgement about things, people, situations, marking them as "not enough" or "not in alignment." All of these are important notations to myself, I understand that, but I also understand that I am the driver, the vehicle, and the energy that I put into anything -read, precursor to the energy of the Chariot- illuminated what "free Will" was all about for me.
I learned that there IS enough for everyone but feelings of scarcity, survival, fear, cloud that sight... that and my Shadow. Our Shadow is always with us and so the lesson there is, no matter how bright we become there is always an unseen element to living, choosing a practice that brings awareness, that frees us from locking into patterns, is a powerful motivator.
Last, and most important I brought myself to open up so much more because of you, all of you, who participated with me this year. My heart is full. My work is a joy. This heart awakening does not suddenly erase life's challenges (what a foolish thought) it opens me up to accepting that they will happen, that I will have an appreciating audience, and support while I rise, and sometimes stumble and fall.
I'm so excited for this coming year. I'll be teaching publicly. I will be leading ritual and workshop. I'm stepping up on my chariot, gathering reigns as I whisper in the ears  of mighty horses of power, and proceeding into the arena once again.
Thank you. Thank you for sticking with me. Thank you for the likes. The donations. The shares.
My deepest, heart-centered love to you this year.
Cheers to all of us. Here's to the best!Scott K Smith TheSacredOther blog and The Temple Well of LA.


Awesome. #Statigram my #bestof2013 via scott_ks
Awesome. #Statigram my #bestof2013 via scott_ks



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