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Article: My Astral Visit to the Asian Annex of the Akashic Library (


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Article: My Astral Visit to the Asian Annex of the Akashic Library (

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Did I share this with you? Friend Lila had an Akashic Journey...

My Astral Visit to the Asian Annex of the Akashic Library

By , December 6, 2013

The akashic library resides in the fourth dimension. It is the reference library where life records are stored... past, present, and future. Not everyone has access to the library. You might be given "guest access" for a brief time to look up something in your own lifebook but barred from peeking into other people's business. Other people have earned fuller access. If you have karma involving indiscretion or lack of integrity in a past life (or your current life) you will have your library card revoked, at least until those things have been resolved.

The akashic library is a place for research and learning, as well as reviewing your past lives. As you might imagine, it is a huge place. I had never been in this section of the library before so I was quite impressed. Nor had I ever seen so many people milling about the library halls.

and then later, this really flipped my skirt:

As I was walking down the various hallways I noticed a friend I know through the Internet who lives in California participating in a meditation and yoga group in a small open space. He didn't notice me but he confirmed with me the next day when I contacted him that he was in astral at the same time and remembered being instructed by "an awakened one" in a combo meditation-yoga class. We were indeed hanging out in astral together!

Full post here [LINK]

Why? Well... that was me. I was that friend. I recall the experience. I still have our conversation saved. It warms my heart.

I think things like this are important because we live in a culture of denial, or often condemnation at these experiences that some rather vocal people would call "imaginations" (and in part they are because it's through the mind that you make the connection) and when we honor these connections through expressing them, acting on spirit, we do more than give "proof," which I can care less about socially, we affirm trust in ourselves, ability, and the experience we are having.

Thank you Lila for reaching out and sharing your experience!

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