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Updates at Divination


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Updates at Divination

Scott K

Chariot - 2014 - Change

English: Compass rose. Español: Rosa de los vi... New year and new updates. I decided to dust off the Life Path Reading for folks online and locals around Los Angeles. My profile went up at the Crystal Matrix, I've added a new, advanced and detailed reading to the mix, the Life Path Reading, and included images from earlier Spirit Portraits to give you a better feel for what I do.

A few Updates...

  1. Full Tarot Readings (online only) are now $50.00 per reading. Expanded reading with 2-3 pages of information about your question.
  2. Mini-Tarot Readings remain the same price, $20.00. One question, one page detailed response.
  3. Life Path Readings have been added: $150.00 full spread with some requirements. These are highly detailed readings about the energies, challenges and tools for a given life-challenge, or period of time.
  4. Spirit Portraits have been updated with images so you can get an impression of some of the work I have previously done.

I continue to get lovely feedback and testimonials. Thank you EVERYONE who took the time to write me something so lovely. Continue reading for more information on Life Path Readings, or check out the Divination page.

Life Path Readings - $150.00 (online)

An "oldie but goody."

Life Path readings look at the energies in motion in your life through the perspective of the Tarot as a tool for self-growth and personal alchemy. LPR's do not simply  "forecast" energies but illustrate paths of navigation and understanding so that as you approach your year and goals you can take a clearer measure about your focus and go ahead in the best possible way.

This is a divanitory not predictive reading to aid you in determining the atmosphere along the path you are walking at any particular time. Similar to an astrological transit chart, Life Path Readings look at primary influences and how they highlight challenges, insights, love, our process, and more.

These readings include:

  1. Recommendations for stone and crystal energies to help you along the way.
  2. Quotes and suggested affirmations
  3. Major arcana soul growth themes
  4. Multiple Tarot Decks and Oracle Cards, including photographs.
  5. and more...

Session - Not done in-house, these readings take time, often hours for me to look at and create. - $150.00 for the emailed reading and photographs, generally 2-to-4 day turn around, delivered via pdf.

Some information will be required including goals, birth date, Q&A prior to reading via chat or email.


The Crystal Matrix

Also check out my official page at The Crystal Matrix in Atwater Village (Los Angeles) on the staff page.

Staff @ the Crystal Matrix!

Scott K Smith, CMT, RMPT Healer, Intuitive, Artist Scott offers readings on Sundays. Appointments are strongly recommended. email Scott

*I can host Reiki and Light Work appointments at the Crystal Matrix, please contact me to schedule an appointment, or the Crystal Matrix if you are interested in any given Sunday.

Scott is a channel, educator and artist. He's been called a spiritual landing pad and a modern shaman, and both have tickled him in various ways. In the past years he's come to consider himself within the age old traditions of spirit person, mystic, Witch, or simply Artist. These people were the intermediaries for the families, communities, tribes and villages throughout the histories of the people on this earth.

The space that Scott provides to clients is one of compassion, love, awareness and reflection. Consultations are moments of light space, connection with guides and information, and mirroring the people and energy, within a sacred and confidential space.

Energy sessions which combine practices from the Reiki tradition, earth based spiritual practices and an awakened Light Body consciousness are journey's as much as they are therapeutic.

Graduate of the Awaken Your Light Body course, Radiance Transmitting Light and Radiance Filling in the Frequencies, Channeling and Clear Guidance, as taught by Orin and Daben (; Reiki Master Practitioner Teacher (2003); Certified Massage Therapist (CMTC #40374); Tarot Journeyman and Reader; Student of the Magickal Arts; Pagan and Indigenous practices; Artist with works shown in many publications, galleries and spaces from the American Red Cross Blood Services, the DTLA Art Walk, Los Angeles Magazine, The White Crane Journal and more (1994 to the present). Scott has led public circles, healing shares, taught in group space and individual clients. He has supported various charitable drives such as the Best Buddies Event, Raven's Flight Annual Yule Fair, Children of the Night Foundation, Best Friends Network, Red Cross,, and through Art, Body and Energy Work.

Scott is available at the Crystal Matrix on Sundays, and throughout the greater Los Angeles area.

Readings at the Crystal Matrix: May include the use of Oracles and Tarot. 15-Min: $25.00 30-Min: $50.00 1 hour: $80.00

Spirit Portraits:  Spirit Portraits are a combination of Scott's intuitive ability to channel energetic information and his creative ability to express the message or inspiration that he receives for you. These are not full readings but channeled information delivered in a visual format with some insight and description for you to take away and explore. Guides, life patterns, moments of shift and personal transformation have all been expressed in these unique portraits. Price: $160.00


New year is upon us, year of the Chariot!

Can't wait. Exciting things are coming.

Scott K Smith

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