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News: As The Lead Cools, Some See Their New Year Take Shape - (NPR)


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News: As The Lead Cools, Some See Their New Year Take Shape - (NPR)

Scott K


leadshapes_custom-b70f917323ba1d14be903c67271f00717f3e4fbb-s40-c85 I love NPR and their wide coverage of topics, especially cultural ones during the holidays. Folk and cultural stories are the best, beliefs, local beliefs native to an area hold so much creative magick for me. Thanks friend, Nancy-Jean for pointing this one out to me. :)


As we approach the threshold of a new year, it's only human to wonder what's ahead. In Germany and a few nearby countries, the answer to this age-old existential question is found in molten lead.

When Gesine Krätzner had some scraps of lead left over from a roofing project last winter, she knew just what to do with them. Krätzner lives in Portland, Ore., but grew up in Germany. As a kid, she would melt bits of lead with her family for a New Year's Eve tradition called Bleigiessen.

"We would take a spoon and melt the lead above a candle," she says. "Then you take the molten lead and you pour it into some cold water, and it would ... harden in crazy shapes."

When you look at the shapes, you may get a glimpse into what the future will hold.

"They were all blobs, pretty much. But with a bit of fantasy, you imagine they were hearts, or plants or whatever," Krätzner says.

Read more here at NPR or listen to the newscast here:

[audio mp3=""][/audio]

Thank you Deena Prichep for a most excellent interview on Divination.

Happy 2014 to you.

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