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"I am Light" India Arie - Music for today's Daily tarot

Scott K

Friend Kaynek sent this over while I was hiding out at Starbucks under glasses, cap, and coffee. I had just finished cobbling today's Tarot Daily (12/02/13) and then I listened to this.

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Yeah. Kaynek my sister, thank you. I "lost it" at Starbucks.

This year has been pretty dam tough and today's message from the Princess of Wands, Princess of the Shinning Flame, had me considering personal will and higher will, that's spiritual light for me, and ultimately my own struggles doing things "on my own," and the implications of what that thoughts says to me, about me. 

Daily Tarot: Excerpt

Dec 02 - Year of the Lovers - princess of wands"The Sister of Fire has survived all the Trials by Fire, has gained and lost, and gained again. Now, she accepts the change without equinamity, moving with the Will of the Universe." - Tarot of the Spirit

29 Days remain, 78 Cards in our Tarot Journey

She's a fiery tiger, she is, Princess of the Shinning Flame. She bears the marks of all her passages, brands, scars, and the lines of all her laughter and tears begin to impress along thee eyes. She is the passion, the will, the drive, the flame... Sister grows onto new consciousness when she embraces deeper levels of her being. Personal will in alignment with higher Will, creating a new identity.

Be well, and thank you for following along!

Scott K.S. Art. Inspiration. Divination.


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