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Friends Links for Holiday Shopping

Scott K

Howdy! I hope you have all your limbs and kin post shopping experience this weekend. Short post and little list I offer up as a links and things for "Small Business Saturday."

As mentioned on my "Links: Friends & Resources" page, these are people I know, love, have worked with, and/or met and adore. I do not link share without some thought, and so consider these are golden support spots for the Small Business Saturday event. IMO, "any day" should be a small business day when you can make it happen.

I posted to Facebook and here is the list of links I received from my friends, presented alphabetical order, because I'd go crazy otherwise:

Belandaria Designs

New friend and great designer of things sparkly and intriguing, Suzanne Colucci owns and opperates Belandari Designs. You have probably seen a few of her pieces in the Tarot Dailies, on in particular a Kyanite piece that I use for much of my client work. Along with friend Delia and her Phoenix Magick, she can also be found at Crafted Port of Los Angeles.

Owner: Suzanne Colucci Link: Belandaria Designs Location: Sherman Oaks, CA; Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles; and on Etsy



One of   my closest friends and some of the CUTEST children's clothing can be found at decafplush. Classics, dresses, coats, pants, rompers and overalls, tops and onsies, skirts and pants, boys and girls, and of course SALES!

Kimberly crafts her clothing out of her home studio in Los Angeles. She's offering a "Like or Tweet" 15% discount. Her stylish and adorable designs can be ordered online, and found through many retailers around the USA. Oh and PS, she has an active blog and Facebook page.

Owner: Kimberly Murray-Randall Link: decafplush Location: Los Angeles, CA; Online

FOTOMATIC - Photo Booth


Jenny Aja, B's best friend since San Clemente high, owns and operates a photo booth that is a head above the rest business. I love the Fotomatic Photo Booth AND the Jenny A. team. Always great for parties and events we've had the fun little booth for holidays and personal events. I can't say which I like more but I tend to have my "can't wait for the Fotomatic Photo Booth" during the holidays as friends and family tend to ham it up the most with props, outfits, and general hilarity.

This gives us something fun and meaningful for everyone to take away. I highly recommend this fun photo booth!

Owner: Jenny A. Link: FOTOMATIC Photo Booth Location: Greater Los Angeles area

Hands of Duane - Body Therapist


Long time friend, wonderful healer and former I.T. guy which I lend to his technical skill and intuitive wonder, great hands: Duane Gammill.

Duane is in the Heart of San Francisco offering Swedish, Deep Tissue and Trigger Point Therapy - a must have for many healing situations including chronic pain - at his space on Market.

Owner: Duane Gammill Link: Hands of Duane Location: San Fracisco, California

Haven Quilts and Crochet - Artist


Haven Quilts and Crochet is run by friend Arica Smith. She brings the quilting as a hobby to a new place, designing covers, cozies and things for children, phones, wallets, she creates jewelry, stuffies and hats for kids. Arica brings her passion into her hobby and I just love her creativity.

Owner: Arica Smith Link: Haven Quilts and Crochet Location: Etsy

Kiss Cut Press


My good friend Wednesday creates all of these printables, letterpress, and silkscreen designs at Kiss Cut Press. We've gotten many of these unique, stylized designs for birthday and holiday events in the past. A creative from a truly inspired family, Wednesday offers a variety of invitations, cards, and paper goods at her Etsy Store.

Owner: Wednesday Aja Link: Kiss Cut Press Location: Etsy

Jody Asano Studios - Artist, Photographer, Designer


Jody Asano comes with a healthy dose of prestige in photography and design.  Aside from being one of my favorites, she's also an amazing artists, with stuffing works (lately) in Water Color, and Mixed Media. These new creations, in part, are part of a group show, Glitz & Pixie Stix, which donates 20% of it's proceeds to the Eagle Rock Center for the Arts.

Owner: Jody Asano Link: Jody Asano Studios Location: Los Angeles, CA; Online

South Bay Bodywork - Jeff Smith, CMT

face-crop-newFellow graduate of The National Holistic Institute, Reiki practitioner, Guru enthused, formerly of the US Air Force, and my "bookend" friend from class, Jeff provides therapeutic massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Reiki and Energetic disciplines in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. Extremely likable fellow and engaging conversationalist... Oh and yes, a great therapeutic touch.

Owner: Jeff Smith Link: South Bay Bodywork Location: Torrance, CA; Book online.

Phoenix Magyk - Artists, Craftswoman, Metal and Clay Magyk


Friend Delia Marsellos-Traister, fellow collaborator, educator, metal and clay artist owns and operates Phoenix Magyk. Look forward to some classes with her and I as well! Her absolutely unique custom work is wildly popular with those who wander off the beaten path of the regular cut and cast jewelry. Sacred Vessels, sculpted and whimsical, one of a kind crafted artistry. Delia get's custom work, creating refined designs for all who come to her craft-table. She is also a featured vendor at Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles! A place to go for 100% local business and design.

Owner: Delia Marsellos-Traister Link: Phoenix Magyk Location: Los Angeles, CA; Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles; and on Etsy.

Todd Atwood, M.S. - Spiritual Response Therapist, Educator, Channel

Todd-AtwoodI've written about friend Todd Atwood before, and I'd never pass up the opportunity to assist his work. Light workers are essential in this day and age and through Spiritual Response Therapy, a host of meditation skills, and just about every program from under his belt, Todd Atwood is at your service. He's also recently upgraded the office, located now at the Atman Center for Transformation. Check out my previous post on Todd here.

Owner: Todd Atwood Link: Todd Atwood Consulting Location: Atman Center for Transformation. 9365 US Highway 19 N, Suite B, Pinellas Park, FL 33782

I have lots of other friends I would love to add but the morning has moved into afternoon and the day is almost half-way done. I have dinner to cook for our annual "FriendsGiving" and shopping to do..

And of course myself. Offering Readings online, and Body, Energy and Spirit therapy around Los Angeles at the - Body, Energy & Spirit work


Don't  forget me! My work site is The Temple Well: Body. Energy. Spirit. I offer body and energy work, consulting and soon, classes at the Crystal Matrix, Atwater Village (Los Angeles).

In addition I lowered the pricing on, online readings, details are posted here at under the Divination tab.


Owner: Scott K Smith Link: The Temple Well Location: Greater Los Angeles Area

Hope this finds you super!

Scott K Smith



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