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Class Updates for 2014: Green Man Workshop, and Orin's Clear Guidance course.

Scott K

As promised I have some class updates for you for the new year. At this point we have three scheduled, two with fixed dates and time, with Tapestry in January still a bit mercurial with the place and details. I'm working hard to ground out more classes, healing meet ups -which has developed an exiting twist- and the like and will have to reserve some TBD with these shares and exciting learning material.The first of the two classes is The Green Man workshop, embracing the divinity [in nature]. Environmentalism is essential at any point of our time on this earth, but especially now as we see climate destruction in greater spirals, the earth attempting to correct her ecological balance. Connecting with the Green Man is awakening our natural wisdom (light) to our responsibility to that awareness through a setting with evoking the sacred divine within us all. The second workshop is a two-day intensive especially designed by Sanaya Roman, co-creator of the illuminating meditation and transmission materials at Orin's Connecting with Your Guide: Receiving Clear Guidance is a powerful tool used to connect us to our highest wisdom through our Higher Selfor our Highest Guide, the light being that has aligned with us in this life to deliver the clearest truths about our life, our earth walk, and in all of our relationships.

The Green Man: Aligning with the Wisdom of Nature


The Whitefield Green Man, by Paul Sivell
I'm invited to create a class and ritual in honor of the Green Man, at The Crystal Matrix center in Atwater Village.This exciting workshop designed to align our awareness with nature through the turning of the wheel of the seasons will be an interesting evolution of my work. The workshop will feature a short introductory lecture about the nature of one of many death and resurrection deities, The Green Man, meditation to awaken our connection, and ritual circle to connect us to the vast and natural wisdom of the earth.

We will restore and culture a connection to the natural world through this ancient green wisdom, use our creative visualization skills to create an interface with the divine mind of nature, and ritualize the connection in a neo-pagan circle blending light work, honoring the four directions, and invoking the power in the form of horns of wisdom, facilitating an earth and sky connection.

Date: Mid-May, 2014 Time: One day workshop Location: The Crystal Matrix

Orin's Connecting with Your Guide: Receiving Clear Guidance (Two-Day intensive)


Have you wondered and wanted to connect to your guide? Do you know the difference between a higher, loving guide and a lesser energy being? Would you like to expand your insight into the world of energy and develop skills to create abundance, find answers to your life's questions, and come from a place of clear insight in your own life?Join us for a 2-day intensive of Journeys by Sanaya Roman and her guide Orin exploring and connecting with your own High Level Guide. In this series of classes you will clear through the obstacles in connecting with your guide, remove doubts and concerns, and work with your guide to receive clear guidance and communication. This connection to your guide can assist you in bringing clarity, and wise insights which benefit you in:

  • Creating Abundance and Prosperity.
  • Enhancing and understanding relationships.
  • Finding answers to questions about your life through your own intimate connection to a high level guide.
  • Providing insights into projects, activities, and upcoming events in your life.
  • Diet, health, and healing issues.
  • Decisions you need to make in your own life.
  • Everyday situations and much more.

What makes these classes unique is the channeled materials from Orin, through Sanaya Roman, who is a Light Being of compassion with a message of personal power through awareness, living with joy, and self-realization. Through the audio course and clear facilitation by Scott K Smith will assist you in creating a thriving and clear connection to your higher guide. The material tested, and used by many to manifest an easy and conscious connection between oneself and ones highest guide.

The meditations, and accompanying book you will receive during this intensive will enhance the connection in a group setting providing you with shared experiences, insights, and the assistance of your facilitator Scott K Smith. You will make a connection to a high level guide. You will work with others to expand your connection and ability to receive clear guidance. You will walk away with this connection, the materials, audio course, a renewed connection to your life, and new friends you will meet during the course of the workshop.

About Scott K Smith I am a graduate of the Awaken Your Light Body Program, Certified Massage Therapist (CMTC #40374), Reiki Master Practitioner Teacher, Tarot Journeyman, and an advanced energy worker and spiritual facilitator. Combining years of study in Reiki, energy work, and various spiritual practices across a wide spectrum of thought and practice I assist others in their journey of self awareness, personal power, healing and fulfilled living.

As an approved teacher for Orin's Connecting With Your Guide: Receiving Clear Guidance, I offer my experience and my ability to assist in lifting you to the space of consciously connecting with your higher guide.


As I like to say, there are lots of more fun things in the work. I teach from an authentic space to create authentic and memorable classes, workshops, and experiences.Thank you, always, for staying tuned and being a part of my life's work here at the Temple Well.

Remember you can find me every Sunday at The Crystal Matrix, hosting consulting services, and of course at your doorstep in and around Los Angeles.

Be Well,

Scott K Smith Artist. Healer. Intuitive. Educator. Body. Energy. Spirit. Art. Divination. Inspiration. Mobile: (213) 884-3619 /


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