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October Round Up: Year of the Lovers

Scott K

October: A long month, Samhain, and busy as all get out.

Since I get the most traffic on my Facebook page the full album and daily messages for the Year of the Lover Journey, are there. Click here for more visual bits, detailed readings, the cards. Comment, like, share. Thank you. The Tarot is a method for divining potentials as much as it is a useful tool for personal alchemy.

We're mid November and many things have come up and out of the system, things to root up, and things to seed. This month I am wondering about self talk, presentation to others, and our find the value we place on our work, self, and practice. November's unfolding story has met challenges, overcoming doubts, and realizing that I am "qualified" to do what I do: Intuit, Heal, Create.

You would think I have that but as I read today from the 78 Degrees of Wisdom, I realize that growth and self worth are highlighted at the moment:

There are moments I find where I am called to step into my Love, Will, and Wisdom in deeper ways. Sometimes this is with a client, other times it is more social, but always it is deeply personal. The Empress is not just an avatar of the sensual, beautiful, and earthly power, she is in three forms a call to embrace and embody Love, Will, and Wisdom. As Pamela Eakins, Tarot of the Spirit, explains, “the Empress is a door. She is the door to nature. Because she is the cradle from which all souls emit and to which all souls return, she is a two way door.” Birth and Death. All forms come into being contain the creative essence, as we grow, “forms become too small and they must be discarded.”

Doubt, hesitation, fear of new situations, these are hints at the previous self that is being discarded. This is part of the two way door, what is being discarded has awakened through the imprint of a creative abstract. In the first stage of the Empress we are the receiver. She is sister to the High Priestess and so knows the power of receptivity, of the craft of seeing the potentials. The second stage of the empress is is a center of nurturing as we move from the abstract into the creative process, love at this time is a valued asset, all things we create are our children and they grow best under disciplined direction, and the provided comfort of love. In the final stage of the three-formed empress we see the mother who births things into being. This is the heave and release. This happens to be the circle of her power, here she is again shedding form in the manifestation of creation. Giving birth. At this phase there may be fear but little to do about it as the contractions of releasing begin, do not hang on let go. Your child is coming into the world. Be the mother and let it go into the world.

Seeking: Instances of hesitation, nurturing, and release. What stage of the Empress are you in?

Questioning: Doubt. The impulse to withhold love, or our wisdom which may be the nurturing thing that one or all need at this time. And also looking at what we hold, what needs to be let go into a life of its own. Looking at where we are resisting the Father, order, and discipline, death. Question miserliness, possessiveness. What do we need to refine? As creatives there is always room for growth and improvement.

Enjoy the mini post.

Lots of love to you for following along. Always thank you, for sharing, for commenting, for the dialogue. We grow as we learn from one another.

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