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Friend Review: Todd Atwood - Akashic Journey Meditation

Scott K

You know I love to share my friends work be they artists or fellow readers, consultants and healers.  Todd-AtwoodThis week I wanted to share my friend Todd Atwood.

Todd has quite the accomplishments list. He is a Spiritual Response Therapist, Educator in the Awakening Your Light Body program by Orin and Daben, Reiki Master Teacher and Integrated Energy Therapist. He also has a great island of energy on the web that includes more information on his services, free audio meditations, and downloadable meditation tracks of various and fun sorts. Links, info and the like are at the end of this post. 

Yesterday I was happy to see a little note from Todd about some of the new download meditations and I was compelled to try one of them, specifically the Akashic Journey meditation since the word has popped up all over the place for me lately. First at The Crystal Matrix when I was reading last week, Patricia Bankins was leading a two-day workshop on the Akashic Records, and then there was a blip on my personal radar where the works of Edgar Cayce came into view, and then mister Todd Atwood popped in with a Facebook message about the new products on his site. 

Dear Universe, I respond. I do not need to be hit over the head. I am listening. :) I downloaded the meditation, love donation asking price is $10.00, and spent part of my afternoon listening and then digesting what I experienced in the Akashic Journey meditation. I like to take in these new types of experiences consciously, aware without thinking about all the details. You know, the editor in me… "Oh he did brought us into meditation like" or "hmm I could use that sort of relaxation technique with…" That removes me from the real journey work. I waited until the sun was shining into my creative space, popped on my headphones, put up a do not disturb sign, and took the 15 minute journey. 

Todd if you are reading this, I loved it. Though I am used to doing work over longer periods of time the way you touch on the energy of the soul and then set the space for the current life challenge energetically was beautiful. I'm not saying it's too short, in fact I've boggled a few people with my "hours of meditation." I realize that most people don't even take 5 minutes for themselves, meditating on not. 

So in the spirit of guided meditation I allowed myself to be drawn into the Inner Temple, to the Akashic Records and The Book, to be opened for me. The energy that presented itself to me as my current soul journey lesson did not startle me in the least, but I did think to myself for a moment that this is the very thing that has been a bur in my paw for some time. When this soul lesson's energy cleared and as you guided in the higher light, I felt an immediate lift. I will be happily returning to this meditation. 

It caused me to wonder about a few things though…

If the energy was a person, was I lifting the energy I hold in regards [to them], or their energy itself? Both maybe? If that my karmic load and I'm wondering, have I been torching the wrong person when I should have used that fire as a light to ruminate on parts of my walk in life, what I have cleared? It was humbling and also made me very curious to look at things from a completely different perspective. I guess that sort of folded into today's morning meditation: Look past the material to the spiritual and what do you see? (Daily Tarot Meditation as posted to FacebookInstagram, and Tumblr). 

You may be wondering who it was but I don't spill the beans on these subjects. Suffice to say I found that I was holding a very dense energy for or about someone in the near-circle of my life. I get that, parents, siblings, and those that we spend the most time with usually have easy access to our energy systems because we are so close. I mean you see them daily, eat, drink, hang out, tussle and argue with your closest friends and family, their energy is often part of yours in ways that are not clear at first. I wonder how this clearing will affect the relationship. 

Now reader you are probably thinking, "um this all sounds a little heavy," and well, it's Soul Work for me on something I've wrestled with and it feels light now and I'm in a space of curiosity, looking how things will change -or not- and how I will go ahead. 

Fun and neat journeys await all who follow their calling.

Check out Todd Atwood's Akashic Journey, and many other free and downloadable meditations at: Free Audio Mediations HERE, Download with a "Love Donation" more mediations HERE. The meditations you can download include guided meditations such as Universal Peace, Continual Companionship, Manifesting, and Spiritual Healing. 

Special thank you to Todd for allowing me to be a part of the process, "test" things, and in general be the happy yahoo. 

Scott KS Art. Divination. Inspiration Body. Energy. Spirit



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