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New Project: 78-Degrees of Wisdom

Scott K

English: Statue of Lao Tzu (Laozi) in Quanzhou...

"The journey of a thousand miles begins beneath one's feet." And alternatively you could also translate it as, "Even the longest journey must begin where you stand." ― Lao Tzu

78 Days remain in the year 2013. 78 Cards in a standard Tarot Deck. 

Through the end of the year I've gone and asked that the cards be ordered in such a way that will detail a walk through the Tarot. Today is day one. I would have used the Tarot of the Spirit but I am working with this and the Universal Waite when I consult at The Crystal Matrix, Atwater Village, and so I'm leaning on the less used but totally loved, Hermetic Tarot.

With this process, which is a bit askew from my teaching method -the Intuitive approach- I have also included a few standards to the process of invoking the message each day [of the card] I will be working with. In the end that's the entire deck. Considering it is the The Hermetic Tarot I made a decision to be structured about the process. You will notice in each photo, regardless of the angle, there is a pouch, a sphere, the Deck, card, and two quarts stones.

Each day, like today I begin with meditation, followed by a little Spirit work at my altar including offerings, and then energy work and chanting upon the card drawn for that day. I am doing this to record the energy of the card into the quartz recorders that I will place with the daily draw, each day.


The Quarts crystals I am using will record the information from each daily draw, sitting on the altar with the deck and image I intend to create two stones for use with the Tarot. One of the stones I have programmed as a Recorder, taking in the energy (receptive), and the other is a generator, so it magnifies the energy of the card. Working with each stone then one crystal will be able to receive the message, and the other will magnify the cards energy, resonating it for consulting work, or magickal work.

I'm up in the air as to whether I will put them up on the market or keep them myself, but either way this becomes part of my classroom materials and makes the daily work a lot richer.

There is something to be said for structures, and starting with a Four card with a method to evoke the energy of the 78 Degrees of Wisdom, is the best route for me. The formality and the focus will draw in the energy and information of each Key (Tarot Card) and imprint it upon the quartz.

And sorry, if you are curious about what Deities I am working with, or what's in the bag, can't answer. That's part of my personal work and at this point I'm more conservative about who I am sharing that with, especially in magickal practices. Know that there is a good amount of three worlds energy there, and a great deal of polarity work to create the receptive/projective work there.

I gotta say I'm pretty excited for the result: A set of quartz stones, ready on the New Years day.

Any-who, follow along on Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr.


Be well,

Scott KS



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