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In Support of: "Be More, Do More... Magyk"

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It's hardly a secret that I am very passionate about supporting my friends. Not only do I keep a list of favorite shoppes, crafts people, artists, healers and the like I also like to promote their work. I don't just believe in living your calling, I live my calling. I believe it's essential to support others doing the same. I'm putting the call out to you. Read down, learn more about Delia and her recently launched campaign to further her craft and projects, educate students and ushers creativity in others with inspiration, a grounded approach, and much needed fun.

Phoenix Magyk - Indigogo Campaign

Introducing Delia Marsellos-Traister. Mother, friend, fellow artist, teacher and a true Phoenix that has transformed her life and the lives of others.


The project

This project will empower me to continue teaching within the community and lift Phoenix Magyk and Clay Magyk at Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles. Maintaining the beautiful store-fronts, crafting art, and teaching - these are the avenues that allow me to educate, empower others, and be more with my craft and trade.

With raised dollars I will be able to employ a part time assistant; offer scholarships in classes; expand my product line; get more education; have some new equipment and gear for my work and in classes.

On my wish list: A tool/gear caddy; a new Dremel with new attachments; classroom gear (sand paper, carving tools, colorants, rollers, knives and more); a demonstration mirror; a new tumbler; track lighting for both stores; development funding (kits); ‘catch-up’ funds for supplies and rent :); long range goals of both a weekend retreat - art and healing centered; a book; and a foundation supporting the arts.

Phoenix Magyk, at Crafted broke ground in June of 2012 as the next exciting and creative phase of my life. Clay Magyk followed in August.  That same year I also stepped up as an educator, and garnered positions at some great local college venues.

This doesn’t come without hurdles and this year I decided it was time to ramp-up what I do. I want to achieve and I need your support to help lay the foundation for the next phase of Magyk.

Believe it or not this is a one-woman-show. I have had the help of some outstanding friends, supporters and fans along the way but I think it, create it, teach it, fire it and sell it. I pay the bills, bread the butter, and fry up the proverbial bacon in a pan. And it’s time to include you, the community in what I do.This campaign is your way to be a part of my community at Crafted, in the classrooms where I teach, and personally at home.

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My experience with Delia stretches over the last decade when I moved to Los Angeles. She was one of the few people in the community who didn't have a wall up around her practice and was fearless in reaching out to connect to new people. Over the years we kept a live-connection over the internet but it in the last few years we've grown in great strides.

Her work expresses Otherness and originality. A behind the scenes peek at some of our conversations would be listening in on discussions that built upon evolving-out who we are as human beings, how we create and express, and intuitions about being the authentic self. Yes we talk about art and business but at the center of our talks, and her work, is an incredible energy to connect that essential real-expression to those she works with and cultivate it's revelation through adornment, instruction, and presence. 

Delia is an awesome woman, a mother of beautiful children, fiercely caring, and inspiringly industries in crafting, teaching, and representing the power of the calling she lives. 

I invite you to participate in her Indigogo campaign. You can contribute in the following ways:

  1. Read more and donate any amount at: Be More, Do More... Magyk
  2. Share the campaign, it costs nothing and spreads the love around. We need more love, all of us, and giving in this sense of generosity cultures more of that good stuff.
  3. Visit and purchase direct at Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles.
  4. Like her page and follow along, check the blog, or friend her.

Thank you for your attention, for spreading the work and the word around. It's deeply appreciated.

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