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Year of the Lovers: Expanded Daily Tarot - Sept 27, 2013

Scott K

Ace of Arrow; Pole Star; King of Arrows; Ace of Bows - The Wild Wood Tarot I could not cut today's reading to an Instagram post. I had to expand on the little Bard within me and let him speak. Naturally I take a break and make the time to do some "self-care" and I end up writing, but I have always kept a journal and so I have always expressed myself in some way through image and words.

Oh and by the way, if you are here for the daily only, scroll down to "Daily Tarot - September 17, 2013" I'm going to ramble on for a minute...

There are a few things about my process of readings through the Tarot, art or channeling that have become clear to me over the years. Like my creative method I know my focus is everything. As my mind is the lens of the reading, catching the subtle clues that show themselves, I must concentrate on the question so that when I release it to the cards (universe) the answer resonates back.

If I am reading for someone but thinking of a difficult discussion with a loved one, or some current political event, I will most likely pull cards related to the topic I am thinking about. This is why I get a little protective of my reading space. Call me Stone Dog, but when I'm distracted during a reading it isn't as clear as it could have been. Now make the space completely private for my clients. No cell phones, do not disturb on the door, music to absorb any outside noise.

There are other things that can detract from a proper reading and today I expanded on this kind of message because the  "distraction" is the most important type: What I am ignoring in myself.

When I am not listening to me I will pester myself. Some inner part of me will throw fits until I get the details of what I am trying to emote. I don't mean to say I split myself up but there are definite parts of me that act from memory or feeling, and I have given character to them so that I can better understand what I am really trying to tell myself.

In July I had an AWESOME reading with Christopher Penczak over the phone. We discussed some very personal topics that related to the planets that are moving below the horizon line in my astrological chart. Yes... try 6 planets in the underworld on a field trip through the houses of creativity, mother, and finance with Uranus as Teacher on this little excursion. When Christopher said that there would be a lot of things that I would find hard to explain and would need to express them creatively, I knew I would have to do some creative work but I didn't realize the intensity, the power of the emotions I would be feeling.

I don't know if I need to explain Uranus as a mythic force but in this instance the powerful energy that the planet is the catalyst for has to do with disruption as well as innovation, for me. I look at the planetary forces, especially the outer planets as higher octaves or more spiritually, socially, or grander oriented powers that fall outside of the personal power experience and into the realm of the social, the macrocosm, in which we play a part.

Uranus has magnetized some powerful lessons for me dealing with mothers (as you have read) and creativity as well as personal finances that range from mix-ups with the Franchise Tax Board, crashing every computer and electronic phone in my house. I began to wonder if I would need to go AWOL in the wilderness to avoid any more strange breaks, cracks, crashes or problems.


Anyway, come around Scott, there are four areas I find the best for these energies in my life now: Art, Writing, Energy Work and Reading, and through intimacy and body expression. If I try to talk about it, it is probably going to go over your head, call me Cassandra my visions are just unbelievable, just don't burn me for them I'm handling that part myself. :)

"Historically, Cassandra was the daughter of King Priam (Priamos) and Queen Hecuba(Hekabe) and the fraternal twin sister of Helenus.

Cassandra was said to have had red hair kept in curls, blue eyes, and fair skin; she was very beautiful. She is portrayed as intelligent, charming, desirable, elegant, friendly, and gentle, but she was considered to be insane. Cassandra was described as the "second most beautiful woman in the world." Her beauty was even compared to that of Aphrodite and Helen of Troy.

In Mythic tradition, Cassandra's ability to hear the future, combined with Apollo's curse that she not be believed, created a source of endless pain and frustration to her. In some versions of the myth, this is symbolized by the god spitting into her mouth; in other Greek versions, this act was sufficient to remove the gift so recently given by Apollo, but Cassandra's case varies. From Aeschylus' Agamemnon, it appears that she has made a promise to Apollo to become his consort, but broke it, thus incurring his wrath: though she has retained the power of foresight, no one will believe her predictions."

- Wiki (Casandra)

Cassandra tells me a few things about the process and expression. I might want to try to explain to someone what it is I am feeling or seeing, at my level with the planetary movements effecting some deep unconscious aspects of me -so Karma blurts out and my partner "B" looks at me like I'm insane (Cassandra). But I wonder, what if Cassandra had instead tried to paint her visions? What if she had sculpted them or crafted them into stories?

What is it about Vision that needs different mediums for expression? What is the underlying desire, the motivation, outside of the need to express? Could she have avoided insanity through a creative means?

Isn't that the nature of this underworld journey for me? Expression of deep currents through the arts, writing, and healing?

I think I'm going to take this deviation and see what power of trickster I can blend in with the story of Cassandra, meaning what sort of Chimera can I create that expresses the karma of the underworld journey, translating what I would want to say into a vehicle to communicate it in another way.

Like the Daily Tarot.

The lesson for me here, which I think that a number of people have resonated with -which makes me wonder about what's going on in your world and the energies there- has been, "Don't sack the city." Sometimes it has been, "Scott, don't get up and walk out."  And I often get, "Dear Reader, these movements of change are sometimes of epic proportion and all the daily work you do may not reveal instantaneous change but consider the vast power needed to change an entire life direction. It does not happen with one heave, although that great movement when it finally shifts may be the moment you remember, you are in the process of turning all the tides and currents, like a great shift of all flows in your nature, it takes time for that ecology to slow, still, begin to flow again and right itself along new paths. Until then use your most creative and authentic self, your deepest awareness, your tools, craft, trade, to express the grunts and sweat that undoubtedly you wish to shout out to those around you, to communicate the vision that will become."

Daily Tarot - September 27, 2014

With all of everything said above, this is my expanded Daily Tarot for today.

Ace of Arrows "Breath of Life:" I must crystallize the idea,
the concept, first
the finer the detail and so the clearer the focus.
Remember what this was. What was the vision for your future, where you were happy, successful and fulfilled?
17 - The Pole Star: I recognize that
what moves now within me and around me
is part of a matrix
of the real me
letting go
taking all things back to center
a gargantuan heave that seemed impossible but as it slowly begins to move
just a bit there to the left,
now swinging back to the right
I know the right pressure has been applied
now it will take time for those ministrations of energy,
my great strains to move life's course just a fraction closer to what I feel
within me
will take time to adjust the course.
Think how powerful the wind
or water
and how long it takes to shift a flow
and all the things affected along the routes where once the wind blew
to where it now blows.
King of Arrows - Kingfisher: Tasking myself to keep clarity,
holding the morality I wish to lead by
the strength of these things
is my sail in the wind
higher the mind flies, aligning with the pole star
this stays the course
my morals
my mind, my guide
Universe will align.
Ace of Bows - Spark of Life:
Finally comes the future-time of change
there now
things in alignment
the spark of life
ignites the right tinder and there the life dreamed begins.
In these periods of adjustment we sometimes waffle. Remember even if you stumble you are working on your life's work.
Stay the course.

Christopher Penczak: (Services) "Astrological Birth Chart Interpretation"

A bit about Christopher Penczak's reading.

I loved it. It was exactly what I needed to hear with some very precise questioning and revelation about the potentials, challenges and key figures in my life. A lot of people "read" from a very fluffy place, "Seek your happiness" sort of stuff and this was not that at all, although it did include the necessary inspiration intuitively. Christopher was exacting, compassionate, inquiring, and has a dam good phone voice. I admit that he is a friend but up until now I had not gone to him for a reading.

Astrological Birth Chart Interpretation:

An interpretation of your birth, or natal, chart and the potential spiritual lessons and gifts in place at the time and place of your birth. Sessions end with a brief discussion of transits, the upcoming moments that will affect your life. For this reading your birth date, time and location as accurately as possible is required.

To Learn more about Christopher's services please visit his page [LINK].


I love and appreciate your support. Thank you for listening, enjoy the daily Tarot.

Be well,

Scott KS


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