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August Daily Tarot Roundup:


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August Daily Tarot Roundup:

Scott K

Hello lovelies, I spent the morning looking over Augusts Tarot Dailies, and reviewing the messages and the days, thinking about some upsets earlier this month and a lot of challenging ideas. I'm putting up some points of interest before the mosaic post of images from the dailies below. In August, my solar birth month, these are some of the themes I was resonating with...

  • Ideas challenged
  • Shifts in perspective
  • Differences of opinion
  • Judgments and consequences
  • Broadening views and massaging out tightness in places where we should have been allowing things to flow

September is here as I go into meditation on what this month has the potential for, for myself, for my friends and clients, I offer up the dailies in no particular order, my little menagerie:

August Tarot Dailies

Remember you can follow along on one of three popular social venues: Facebook, Tumblr (some content on Tumblr is creative and artistic and some viewers might find it "adult" or "NSFW") and Instagram. I updated the Instagram name because I wanted to start posing all content from both of my sites in one feed. In addition to detailed daily readings, opportunities for your own personal readings, you have the chance to connect and discuss with others. Here's hoping September is cooler, insightful, prosperous and well. Scott KS



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