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Excerpt: On Prophecy, from "The Omen Machine." - Terry Goodkind

Scott K

I Finally got my hands on a copy of The Omen Machine, A Richard and Kahlan Novel, by Terry Goodkind. Thank you Glendale public library. I know I'm a bit behind on my series reading but seriously if you have followed along I've kinda had my hands full and reading, oh precious reading time, is often filled with more technical stuff if I am reading at all. A break to read something fun, the house all to myself, no one needing help or wanting something is a gift I cannot enjoy enough. Having a third person in the house, well, "if only," becomes a little mantra... Yes. I know, I'm getting off point.

I found this quote while reading the new (for me) book, The Omen Machine, and  it struck me as relevant to the blog since I write about divination, Tarot, and the like. Admittedly mostly Tarot of late. The excerpt here is the end of chapter 9, and after much discussion about the prophecy.

Terry Goodkind, seems to like to wax into the dangers of believing in fixed or set futures as "destiny" and evokes a heroic sense of pro-choice-futures by living and deciding rationally in the moment. Fixation on predictions is locking oneself into a course, a chain of events, or "self-fulfilling prophecy," and at any point we have the power to make our own rational choices to alter events, thus neutering so-called prophecy.


People occasionally will ask me for predictive readings and I don't really do them. There are potentials, possibilities, and the sense of energies and events in motion that could lead towards probably futures if the seeker, that would be you, set themselves on a path towards them. Don't like the answer to the question you received during a reading? The option is that you should consider your beliefs, your perspective, your trajectory, and your motivations in light of the question, and the answers you receive and take the details and the "higher wisdom" of a reading to alter your trajectory by improving your thoughts, words, and actions. The "future" then changes.

swords07Obvious simplification but that, for me, is the nature of "the future" and the devil in "predicting" it.

A client once asked me about the nature of a potential music producer that had offered to work with them to produce a new album. Should she take the deal? My intuition through the cards picked up that the person (female) in question was working with an inexperienced producer (male) and that she was taking more than she was giving, in short she would be stealing my clients money. It was hard for me to say but I had to, "I think she's going to take you for a ride."

My client did not take the deal and instead sent an extra set of email questions to answer some of the technical and business questions about the deal. She (client) did not receive an answer to her questions, and in the course of a weekend the woman, exposed as a shark in a large circle of people with the same "deal," did not hustle her money.

Would my client have taken the deal she would have lost her money, along with other people. Is this predictive or is it just illustrative, helping one to make their own choice?

In this snippet from the book The Omen Machine, Kahlan, the Mother Confessor and Nathan Rahl, and an elder to one of the main characters, Richard Rahl, are addressing the leaders of nations who have suddenly become fixated on dark prophecies, to a point which is reaching the hysterical.

Nathan Rahl is a born prophet, in short his "magick" evolved in such a way that he can read prophecy and the true meaning revealed beyond what is merely written. Kahalan has suffered at the fate of prophecy, and she and Richard both have undone fixed and predictive events through will, often going against prophecy as proof that what is written or "foretold" cannot always be taken at face value.

"So you are saying that we can't be trusted with knowing our own future?" There was an edge to the queen's voice.

Richard saw the flash of anger in Kahlan's green eyes and answered before she could. "We're saying that the future is not fixed. You make your own future. If you believe you know the future, then that changes the way you behave, changes the decisions you make, changes how you live and how you plan for your future. Such unthinking choices could be ruinous. You need to act in your own rational best interest, not upon what you think prophecy says is in store for you.

The future, at least for the most part, is not fixed in prophecy. Where prophecy may be valid it is not something that can be comprehended by just anyone."

Consider your "future" as the trajectory of your moment, which is a collaboration of your Will, your Wisdom, and your Love. In some sense we can predict destination, and intuition, even spiritual insight and intercession into understanding events as they unfold (channeling for instance) can help to widen the scope of our understanding so that we can come to a vision of what will happen if you stay this course in regards to your questions, however if at any point you change your course, and go another direction, abandoning that trajectory, you alter the events of your own life and so readings change.

Readings, for me, you see are not about predicting death or fortune, love and loss, but about understanding that these influences are part of the story of our life. Though we may have snippets, insights and visions about the future in dream, over a table of cards, or through more mundane self-realized methods, there is little in my opinion that indicates these things are set in stone and predestined for you or yours truly.

We have choice. I like to think I show that through my readings and consultations clients that I work with on a weekly or regular basis, that holding a new focus, centering on the energy of that vision, empowering ourselves, keeping spirits up and directed, can all change a future by altering our path.

I hope this find you well. Happy Saturday y'all!

Scott KS


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