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The Triple-M: Articles on Massage, Meditation, and More

Scott K

buddha-blackSince I've updated the website to include articles and information in the menu items. body work has a growing list of articles, research, and blog posts on Massage and related topics, and the Energy Work and Essential Oils pages are growing with topics as well. I think it makes it easier to find what might interest you, rather than wading through blog posts or search results. The Tripple-M or "MMM" is my little drum up of info on Massage, Meditation, and More.

Massage in the News:

Some reminders about self-care for massage therapists, easy guides to self-massage, and articles and studies on the benefits of massage. You see it's also more than just a Spa-Treatment for when you have the money, massage like I practice can be both relaxing AND therapeutic!

Meditation in the News:

I've meditated for over 20 years. It would blow my mind but really I just feel so groovy from all the happy chemicals generated in my brain FROM meditating that my mind remains, un-blown.


A few other bits of news for ya. I have opened a YELP page. *Ahem* Clients, please give a little love. Wink. Wink. Nudge. Nudge.

The last, but certainly not least, thing I wanted to mention was that the Reiki Share for friends, clients and other Reiki and Energy Work practitioners on Sunday was AWESOME. Happy faces all around, incredible work done by all. Very, very happy with this event and looking at possible dates in September for the next Reiki share. :)

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