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Year of the Lovers - July 20, 2013 - Expanded Post

Scott K

Daily Tarot / Year of the Lovers
July 30, 2013
Card: Seven of Cups "Illusory Success"
Deck: Hermetic Tarot
Number: 7 - all things stable seem to wobble, remember that flow, new stability in fluidity.
Walking meditations today... Photos along the way.
Jul 30 - year of the Lovers - Photo1
Religions and traditions spring from human kind. They are referencing a source, the roots and branches reaching up and down, circling around. They are human constructs, reaching back and forward, up and down, in and out, climbing towards enlightenment, promoting growth in the constructs we give them.
Jul 30 - year of the Lovers - Photo2
In this garden of life, all things growing then from source, earth, sun, stars, "Universe," there are some systems that do not connect. There are creations to bar the seeker, make gates, walls, instead of paths. They seeks to make weeds out of some that grow from source, naturally or in other ways. The vessels of these traditions are to demonize, make bars, prisons, and create an inequality through an archaic thought form of "less than / greater than."
There are no weeds in the world, there are only plants. And no gate keeps the plants out for long, they are always reclaiming. As nature does, as wild things do, we grow. We grow. We grow.
Jul 30 - year of the Lovers - Photo3
And so not all vessels can contain this, our source, and we grow beyond them. Once they seemed so big, but we become spiritual, we realized they were limited, baring... we become more than tradition, greater than gates, our roots extend deep, our branches high. How strange we thought the something so big, when really it was too small for our self, our soul.
Jul 30 - year of the Lovers - Photo4
Leaves fall, gates become shadows, vessels vanish. I return to nature, the rhythm off the source.
Jul 30 - Year of the Lovers - Photo4 - Seven Cups
Look for the spark in your system, go where the energy, consciousness draws you. Fluid. Flow. Go.
Be well.


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