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New Testimonial: Tarot Readings

Scott K

Yay, me! Just got another awesome review on the Mini-Tarot Readings.

"I've been following Scott on Tumblr for over a year now ( and I love his daily tarot drawings. Scott goes so deep into detail when explaining what a particular card means and draws comparisons from quotes, people, history, places. He phrases everything in a way that you can understand exactly what it means. I had been wanting to get a reading done for a while because sometimes you just need answers or guidance, and that is exactly what Scott provided for me when he drew those cards. He is such a kind soul and so eager to help you understand what everything (in your spread) means. If you're looking for guidance and insight you've come to the right person."

~ Jacqueline Melofiro

Mini-Readings: Tarot

Jun 28 - Year of the Lovers - King Swords + 6 PentaclesA shorter session (via email / online only) where I answer a specific question in short format via photograph and pdf file sent directly to you.

One question, sent via email, and you will receive:

  • 1 to 3 card reading of the Tarot and my particular clan of guides who speak through much of my writing and Daily Tarot.
  • digital-photograph of that spread including images from the elemental and spirit energies that were called out of my toolbox into your reading. These can vary from statuary, stones, feathers, and such. You never know.
  • full description of what I receive via my sources via pdf, email, roughly a page.
  • Delivery of the reading within 24 hours via email.*

Session - $10.00 See blog post for more information:

More information about readings and Spirit Portraits on my Divination page.


Scott KS



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