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I need your help (UPDATED Button)

Scott K

Hello reader friends! Times have been a little tough lately and I'm pulling a lot of weight around here at home to keep us above water. Trust me when I say that I remain centered, focused and affirmative. I have my moments but we are dealing with issues on two different mother fronts --yes my partner's mother AND my mother are having problems... most recently my mom suffered a stroke and then, apparently was hospitalized for various reasons. Anyway, I'm heading up north at the end of the week as soon as I can get my funds together.

Which is the reason I am writing this post. Honestly I could use a little help as I am faced with leaving work to see mom, and so losing money, but needing money so that I can pay bills, put gas in the car, etc.

I'm not asking for a hand-out, although I wont turn one down. I'm good at what I do. I mean that. My readings are expansive but not expensive, my professional work as an energy worker and body therapist is pretty damn good, and I like to think my art is something to stop and take a look at.

So if you feel like helping out a kindred spirit I've put together a small list of things that can make a big difference for me, in staying afloat, seeing mom, and preventing myself from pulling what remaining hair I have, out.

Offerings: Readings, Work Leads, and Donations appreciated...

Readings I expanded my readings to include an affordable, "one question" Mini-Tarot reading for friends, readers and clients. It's been quite popular and I get an average of 2-3 a week. They are great readings, promise, and the details on those and other divinations are here under DIVINATION.

Body & Energy Work (This is through my work-site) If you are in the area, or you have a group in your area that would like to have me out (see me for details) I am also full-time working for myself through the project providing body work, energy work, and expanded intuitive consulting for clients around the Los Angeles area. This is my bread and butter, so if you can spread the word, book an appointment, or if you would like to do a link exchange here at OR I am deeply grateful.

I also do custom artwork, Spirit Portraits.


If you want nothing more than to just send me a donation, I love you. You can use this link here to do so and really it is so deeply appreciated. Anything helps.

Even sharing this post can help. Please feel free!

Be well my friends,

Scott KS

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