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"Planning for the worst" + Video "Agents of Cool" via Caroline Casey

Scott K

[yframe url=''] The power that I have is the ability to manifest. The nuts-and-bolts of that ability come from some basic principles: Mind, feeling, connection. If I focus and feel something and work with the rungs of reality as they present themselves, then I am manifesting consciously.

If I fear... Then I manifest unconsciously.

The fear of an imagined reality versus the reality of every day is a problem, especially for magickal folks. Believing that we must arm ourselves against a non-existent, imagined future versus displaying sensible control, human dignity, and realism in the present -not to mention harnessing our ability to create magickally- is not only planning for a possibility, but empowering an social-energetic thought form... creating realities we don't want, especially those that want to arm against them.

Prepared is not the same as paranoid.


About the video:

Trickster Mythic News: hear the astrological*political*mythological meta-story and cultural strategy for Now. Cultivate the cool Compassionate Trickster within us all, who dances best in the dire beauty of now. If we love freedom then to react to anything is to carry a portable prison. But to cultivate an ever-expanding repertoire of responses is to align ourselves with nature's evolutionary drive.

Caroline W. Casey, the creator/host/weaver of context for "The Visionary Activist Show," is dedicated to Pragmatic Mysticism-Democratic Animism and the Trickster Medicine that brews it all together to fuel reverently ingenious social change in innumerable shape-shifting venues.


Be cool, manifest from have, not have not. Create from love, from dignity, from mirth, not fear, not hate, not isolation.

We're all in this together.



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